The saying ‘A healthy mind leads to a healthy body’ becomes relevant when it comes to the present scenario of life choices. No matter how many efforts we put in achieving physical soundness, they are all destined to nullify unless a healthy mind is achieved. Brain is to a body as processor is to a computer. Every single body functionality is some way or the other related to brain. Hence it is inevitable to keep your brain alert and active throughout. In order to have a sound cognitive abilities, food consumption rich in select food groups has to be implemented.

Let us have a close look at some great foods that promise to boost the brain power to a remarkable threshold.

1, Walnuts

Cognitive decline could be remarkably treated with walnuts. They are the best choice for enhancing cognitive capabilities and memory power. Walnuts contain abundant amount of Vitamin E that excels in promoting blood flow and thereby supplying enough oxygen to the brain. Walnuts are also recommended for a healthy heart. They are said to improve your grasping capabilities and help in sustaining intellectual control.

2, Spinach

Spinach is a great green leafy vegetable that is acclaimed to be a brain booster diet. The decline in the cognitive functionality can end upon the inclusion of spinach in your daily diet.  Green vegetables have always topped the chart in the betterment of human health and brain condition.

3, Berries

Studies have indicated that blueberries and strawberries are effective in increasing the concentration and focus related cognitive functions. Mental retardation is substantially reduced upon including berries in your diet on regular basis. It shows miraculous results on children, women and adults.

4, Sardines

They are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Sardines take an important place in the list of brain boosting dietary agents. Sardines are guaranteed to lower the rates of patients suffering from dementia and other demonic brain diseases.

5, Olive Oil

Olive oil is another reliable brain booster. It is abundant in mono-saturated fats and influential brain antioxidants called polyphenols. Regular intake of olive oil has shown a gradual reduction in the aging of brain.

6, Dark Chocolate

Believe it or not, dark chocolate helps eradicate brain related agonies and ill-health. This anti-oxidant rich nutritive supplement is a saviour that boosts your blood flow and increases oxygen concentration in the brain cells, thus improving mental capabilities. The reason behind this blood flow maintenance is the lowered blood pressure and regulated cholesterol.

7, Avocados

Avocados are a viable brain food. Mono-saturated fats are the real heroes that defend and nurtures brain cells in a human brain. Avocados contain such fats in ample quantity. They are clinically proven to regulate blood pressure levels and boost brain powers.

8,Pumpkin seeds

Zinc is an element that has a history of boosting human brain power considerably. Pumpkin seeds contains copious amount of Zinc and thereby, improve mental capabilities and stimulate time-beaten memories. Pumpkin seeds are a suitable option to bring back your younger days when memory was not an issue.

Do not let frequent memory losses dominate your life. Fight them well with the aid of the above mentioned super foods that boost your brain power.


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