Hungering for the Experience: 8 Signs It’s Time for a New Car

Hungering for the Experience: 8 Signs It’s Time for a New Car


Even if you have a Lamborghini, the desire to get a new car can happen. Driving an exotic sports car can make you want to drive more. If you already own an exotic sports car, your reasons for wanting a new car are probably different than someone who owns a 20-year-old rusty Chevy.


Saying good-bye to an old friend is challenging, but there are several reasons why it’s time to shop for a new ride. Buying a new car can be exciting, but if you already have an exotic sports car that you love, you might need a good reason to add a new one to your collection. There are a few different reasons why it might be time to investigate upgrading your Lamborghini.

1. Your car needs major repair

Repairing an exotic sports car can be expensive and time consuming. There aren’t many repair shops with certified mechanics for exotic sports cars, so your car may have to be repaired outside of your community. And, it might have to wait in a lengthy line as other exotic cars need repair, too.


Along with waiting for repair, you also will have to wait for parts. Exotic car parts are not readily available at the local car-parts store because so few people own them. So, parts often have to come from the country of origin, which can be an involved process with surcharges, fuel charges, and tariffs.


With a new exotic sports car, you should be able to drive it regularly without having to get repairs and replacement parts.

1. Your dumping too much money into your car

If you have been spending money nonstop to keep your car running, it might be time to invest in something that is less maintenance. New cars, even exotic sports cars, continue to get better. Of course, the new ones don’t look quite like the classic older ones, but they are beautiful in a new and exciting way.


Driving an exotic sports car isn’t cheap, but no one wants to spend a fortune just to keep a car running. If you feel like your personal ratio of expenses to enjoyment isn’t at a level you can appreciate, then it is time to upgrade to a vehicle that gives you more joy and requires less of your wallet.


1. You want better technology

The latest technology in exotic sports cars is unparalleled. When your neighbor’s Ford has a fantastic stereo system with Bluetooth and GPS and your car is still playing cassettes, it might be time for an upgrade. You might not get the same technology that James Bond gets in his Aston Martins, but you will get upgrades that will make you grin from ear to ear as you scoot down the road a reasonable high rate of speed.


New technology in an exotic sports car is about more than GPS and Bluetooth. They are loaded with tech that affects the handling and performance of the car, so that you can drive a car with over 600 horsepower without having to give up any sense of control. After driving the newest exotics with the latest technology, it’ll be tough to go back.

1. You simply want a new one

Sometimes you just want a new car. Once you’ve got one exotic sports car, the drive to buy more can become overwhelming at times. It might seem like one Italian exotic is just like the rest, but they aren’t. With each model year, cars have subtle differences. So, when you are ready to add to your collection, go for it.


The saying that you only live once is a great reason to buy another car, especially if you love to drive. If it makes you happy, then why not get what you want.

1. Your car has become too small

Having a two-seater sports car is perfect if you’re single or it’s just you and your partner, but once you add kids into the mix, it’s not necessarily the most ideal car. Yes, it’s a nice car for a weekend getaway, but honestly, how often does that happen? Fortunately, exotic car makers build big vehicles, too. And, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that those bigger vehicles are rather amazing.

When it’s time to upgrade from an exotic sports car to an exotic SUV, you’ll know. Sometimes it’s not a family that sets the hunger for a bigger car because you have moved someplace where the sun doesn’t shine most of the year. Exotic sports cars do not handle well in rain and snow, which is why they are so uncommon in northern and mountainous parts of the world. You might not get the same horsepower out of an exotic SUV, but they are still exhilarating to drive. They make driving in bad weather much more fun and significantly safer, too.

1. Someone has offered you a good price for your car

One of the top signs that it’s time for a new car is if someone has given you an offer you cannot reject. It’s even better if the offer actually comes with a cashier’s check or cash to pay for it. Even if you aren’t in the market for a new car, receiving a reasonable offer on the car you currently have could make you start to look. It can be hard to say no when the offer is good. Your car might not be for sale in your mind, but with a good offer, it’s amazing how quickly items can become for sale.


If you aren’t sure whether to take the offer or not, take time to investigate the quality of the offer. Does it fit with the value of your car? Is it an offer you can live with? Does it seem reasonable to you? If the answers are yes, then why not take it and get something new. However, if your car has some serious sentimental value, then it might be too hard to part with it. Even if you keep your car, the idea of selling it could still trigger you to want to buy a new vehicle. If that’s the case, then have some fun!

1. You’re storing it more than driving it

If your car looks great in the garage and it never leaves the garage, then it might be time to get rid of it. Cars are designed to be driven, and even though many look like fine works of art, they need to get on the road and go. Yes, there are valid reasons to store a car and proper ways to do so, but if you bought it to drive it, and you aren’t then it might be time to let it go and buy something you will actually drive.


However, you might consider keeping the car you are storing and investing in an additional car that you really want to drive. The real joy of exotic sports cars isn’t looking at them, it’s starting them, hearing the purr of the engine, and taking them out on the open road. Of course, you have to worry a bit about them being damaged, but any car can be fixed.


Leaving an exotic car, or any car for that matter, sitting in a garage doesn’t do it any favors. The fluids build up in one spot, tires deflate, and batteries die. If you just start it and let it idle for a few minutes, you still aren’t doing anything beneficial. It is common for rodents to make their homes in cars that have been parked for a long time, which is the last thing you want in your exotic sports car with posh leather seats.


Cars need to be driven, so if you aren’t going to bring your exotic out on the road, maybe someone else should become the proud owner of it and you should buy something that you actually will drive and appreciate.

1. Replacement parts are becoming difficult to find

As manufacturers make new model years, they stop manufacturing parts for older models. Eventually, the only place to buy parts for older cars is through a secondary market. Depending on the type of car you need to fix, the parts can be incredibly expensive, especially when they become truly hard to find.

When you buy parts through the secondary market, you cannot be sure they are good quality or even the correct one for your needs. If you are not an expert in repairing cars, your expenses go up even more as you have to pay someone to use the expensive part to repair your expensive car.


If you’ve gotten into a cycle of repairing your car that is not sustainable, then it might be time to buy something new. You might not have any issues with money, but you might not like being away from your car. It also might be problematic for you to have to trust dealers with the parts and repair. When you car begins to stress you out, this is a sure sign that it is time to buy something new.


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