10 Tips for Creating a Minimalist Wardrobe for Men

A classic idea that has recently received renewed interest is the idea of the minimalist wardrobe. The concept of a minimalist wardrobe is simple – a small collection of clothing where items work with other pieces in almost any combination to cover all types of occasions. Creating a minimalist wardrobe makes dressing easy by focusing on staple items and signature pieces that are timeless. If you’re a guy and you want to plan your own minimalist wardrobe, here are 10 great tips to help you get started.

Tip 1 – Focus on Interchangeability

The most important aspect of creating a minimalist wardrobe for men is making sure that any new apparel items chosen are interchangeable with the other items in your clothing collection. Every selection should work with multiple outfits, like long sleeve tees that work with jeans and a denim jacket or under a sport coat with slacks. If a clothing item you’re considering won’t work with multiple pieces already in your closet, leave it on the rack.

Tip 2 – Value Durability

The purpose of embracing a minimalist wardrobe is to get the most out of the clothing purchases you make. Your wardrobe is not really minimalist if you are constantly spending money to replace things that wear out quickly. When choosing new apparel items for your collection, choose pieces that will last for a long time and stay in good condition with proper care.

Tip 3 – Select Neutral Colors

Neutral colors tend to go together very well in nearly every combination. For your staple wardrobe pieces, navy shades, gray tones, brown colors and black fabrics are the safe bets. Opt for simple styling that you can easily dress up or down. You can always add a pop of color to your outfits with accessories like a baseball cap or a fun bomber jacket.

Tip 4 – Stick to Basics With Undergarments

Basics are best when it comes to undergarments for a minimalist wardrobe. Choose underwear and socks made of breathable fabric in dark colors to go with any outfit. Your basic tees should be black, white, or gray to coordinate with the maximum number of other apparel items. Plain crew neck t-shirts can do double duty as a stand-alone shirt for casual outfits and a base layer for other occasions.

Wardrobe for Men

Tip 5 – Secure a Good Navy Suit

A good navy suit satisfies a number of clothing requirements for a man’s minimalist wardrobe. A two-piece navy suit is appropriate formal attire at any time of year, especially if you avoid heavy fabrics that could make you too hot in the warmer months. The trousers of the suit can do double duty for more casual occasions where chinos would be appropriate, and the jacket can work as a blazer when you want to wear jeans or other casual pants.

Tip 6 – Be Selective When Choosing Pants

A minimalist wardrobe should contain at least four pairs of pants — one pair of suit pants, one pair of jeans and two pairs of chinos. For your jeans to work with most of your other apparel items, you should stick to jeans in dark colors with simple styling. Fitted jeans will look better with more tops than looser styles. For the chinos, pick one pair of tan pants and one pair of navy pants to cover all bases.

Tip 7 – Add Some Classic Shirts

When choosing shirts to add to your minimalist wardrobe, like we’ve stated plenty of times before, simple should be the goal. Try to avoid super bold colors or intricate patterns that could complicate matching them with other apparel items. Neutral block colors will ensure that each shirt can be used for multiple outfits. A couple of decent white dress shirts, some neutral polo shirts, oxford shirts and a sweatshirt in navy or black will help round out your closet.

Tip 8 – Black Shoes and White Sneakers Are Key

The best footwear for a minimalist wardrobe are black shoes for more formal occasions and white sneakers for more casual occasions. The black shoes should have a toe that is rounded off, but not round, with basic detailing and no toe cap. Your belt for these occasions can stylishly match your shoes. White sneakers can be worn nearly everywhere and work with nearly anything if you choose styles with plain designs and no logos.

Tip 9 – Choose Textured Ties

Ties with an interesting texture are more versatile than ties that have an interesting pattern. If you stick to colors that work with a navy suit, you can create a wide variety of looks just by changing to a different tie. There are so many different tie styles and designs available that any man can personalize a minimalist wardrobe with a few carefully curated ties.


Tip 10 – Invest in a Quality Coat

Every man should have at least one really good coat in his closet. With coats, it is important to get the proper length to be able to wear them with different outfit styles comfortably. For most men, the optimal length of a coat is for the coat to fall about mid-thigh while worn. This will ensure that the coat is long enough to be worn over a suit jacket and short enough to be worn with jeans without looking odd.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the tips above will help you start creating a minimalist wardrobe, but the pieces you ultimately choose will be unique to you. Focus on the clothing items that appeal to you the most, so you can wear them time and time again, comfortably and confidently.


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