Burn this summer with your baby blue nails

Each new season comes up with a new trend in fashion in different styles, and that’s what everyone wants. Coming up with new fashion trends, nail art is demanding. Nowadays, people from different workspace wear various nail arts.

The new trending art that came up is baby blue nails.

Stunning, classic, and refreshing are the words that come into our minds when we see them. Baby Blue nails enhance your nail beauty and give your personality another refreshing look.

Any shape of nail can go differently beautiful with this Baby Blue nail, from matte to glossy and subtle to glittery; Baby Blue nail can go with any of this and look stunningly beautiful. Nail art is now elaborated in the best way it can be.

Now it’s just a simple layer of nail polish, but skilled artists have given it a new way of setting trends.

Digital nail art has also come into the market where any picture painted on your nails will give your Baby blue nail color a most promising look.

Baby blue nail art can be designed with stones, glitter, feather, tiny stickers, and many more.

List Of the Top 11 Baby Blue Nail Art

Let’s see 11 different Baby Blue nail arts that will make your nails good:-

  1. With leaf and hot yellow sun:-

Summers are the new seasons with green leaves and hot yellow sun, which will give your nail a stunning look in touch with the base of Baby Blue nail with the art of leaves and some portions of yellow in it. Nothing can be more appropriate for season-appropriate nail art. You can leave some of your nails with a base of Baby blue nails and go with hot yellow color on another one. Putting this all together will result in a beautiful look with just some different colors on our nails.

  1. In-touched with pink and gold:-

Pink is the girl’s favorite color, and keeping that with the new trendy Baby Blue nail color can be what looks better with hitting hard new stylish nails. Having vertical or diagonal lines of gold color filled with pink color and half portion with Baby Blue nails will give your nails a subtle and trendy look.

  1. Touch of the sea:-

Summers are the way we go and enjoy our vacation on beaches and seas. Going on vacation with Baby blue Nails with the art of seas and stones will go with your vacation look. Posting your sun-kissed photo on beaches and this beautiful Baby Blue nail art will be a great idea.

  1. Shine like gold:-

Glittering your nails with a touch of gold and Baby blue nails will give the party look of four moons (4 Chand). Night-out dress with glittery gold nails will look promising with your dress and even with your looks. You will outstand at the party with your new trendy Baby Blue nail art.

  1. Matte look:-

Nothing looks more subtle and, at the same time, classy than a matte finish Baby Blue nail color. Whether a working woman or a college student, matte Baby Blue nails will go with your looks.

  1. Sparkle with silver:-

Giving your Baby Blue Nails a different look with sparkle silver glitter is best to contrast yours. It can also match your cocktail parties, wedding, or simple get-to-gather. Every woman should try this new look.

  1. Pop your heart out:-

Hearts are the sign of love, and every woman loves her nails in no way. So putting hearts on your Baby Blue Nails base color with small to medium size hearts will go great. You can also put stones on your heart to look different.

  1. Clouds on your nails:-

You can bring clouds to your Baby blue nail paint. Having a subtle look with clouds on your nails can be a creative idea. Adding more to it, you can draw birds and sky anything you want. Your nails can be canvas.

  1. Effect designed:-

Nail art can be done in many possible ways, designing textured art and giving a pretty designer-like look detailing to your nails. You can try different textured designs; nothing can go wrong with this Baby Blue nail.

  1. Metallic-like finish:-

If you like shiny nails, you will love this nail art with Baby blue nails. This will also go best with pairing it with another contrasting color like pink, grey, and black; having it, just a guest appearance will enhance your Baby blue nail color.

  1. Nude ombre and Baby blue:-

Ombre is the must-have nail look that every girl or woman should try out with the new version of Baby Blue nails. Try this bold, stunning, and beautiful nail art, which can look good in any shape and size. You can make it stand out differently by adding rhinestone to it, or just a simple ombre look will also go with the trend and look stunning on every girl or woman out there.


Trends come with a lot of different looks and fashion. What woman wants now is good nail art that can give your look a different look and enhance your look. It’s either a working woman, a college teenage girl, or even a housewife. Everybody has the right to have and try out new trendy looks.

Baby blue nail art will be a trendsetter as its different styles with different colors and nail shapes are so satisfying that everyone can like it. It can be suited with a daily office look, or daily working women can also try this out.

Nails are like a canvas; anything of your choice can be drawn and created on your nails, from subtle to detailing looks. Rhinestone can give your nails a different girly look, or you can have a textured design with straight, diagonal, or vertical lines with gold or silver glitter.

Moreover, you can also try contrasting your Baby Blue Nail art with some different colors that can go with the trendy and match your outfit. Baby blue nail color will go with your night partied to office look and weeding to normal get-to-gather. Despite having any shape and size of your nails, Baby Blue nail will look good due to its subtle nature.

Nail art has become very popular nowadays and has emerged as a fashion statement; everyone tries to look good in all manner they can be by different trends and styles.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Q.1 How much can this Baby Blue nail art cost?

Baby Blue nail art can cost you around 500-1000 from a simple nail artist. Designing nails and using different colors will cost you accordingly to that.

Q.2 How long will it stay on my nails?

If you are taking nails from a good nail artist, they will use quality nail colors that stay upto 1-2 weeks.

Q.3 Can I have a trail of this Baby blue nail color?

Maybe some nail artists give you free trials before nail art. It individually depends on them. Only you can consult your artist.


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