How to Be a Glowing Goddess: 5 Easy Steps

This week I have a nice treat for you all as I have an exciting guest post by Cosmetic Skin Care Consultant Brigitte Evans. As we head into the gorgeous Autumn season with it’s warm colours and cool nights, Brigitte gives you some great tips on how to keep your skin glowing and feeling great.

Hello, lovelies! Are you ready to glow for the gods and stun everyone around you? Every lady deserves to feel like a sexy little seductress at least every once in a while, and I wanted to share some advice on how to achieve just that. Do you want smooth, velvety skin and a smile that makes everyone around you swoon? Girl, I’ve got you covered! Tips for luscious skin and that “lit from within” glow are right ahead, just keep scrolling.

Exfoliate regularly

If you let dirt and dead skin cells pile up, your skin will look dull and grey. Now, since we definitely don’t want that, I’d recommend that you exfoliate once or twice a week. Get a nice sugar scrub, like the Freeman Charcoal & Black Sugar Facial Polishing Mask, and slough away those layers of dead skin. This will even out your texture, make your face feel as soft as butter, and let the natural glow shine through.

Luxurious skincare

And by “luxurious” I don’t really mean expensive. I mean that you should have a specific approach to skincare, and instead of just getting done as you sigh grumpily, take your time and enjoy it. I’m an Aussie girl, and I live for the sun, and want my skin to reflect that radiance whenever I’m outside. And this is really the best way to get your glow – use what nature gave you. Make your skin your best feature, and provide it the care it needs. Put on sunscreen every single day, use a hydrating moisturizer, and never forget to extend the routine to your hands and your neck, those parts we always seem to forget.

Pearly whites

You’re the loveliest when you smile, and nothing will bring brightness to your face faster than a nice, big grin. It’s important to take care of your lips and teeth so smiling would come easy to you. I remember my mom teaching me a little tip when I was a teen – grab a spoonful of sugar and mix it in with some honey. Whenever you feel your lips getting dry and flaky, use this mixture to scrub your lips and then you can just lick it off and apply some lip balm. Instant smoothness! If you’re concerned about crooked teeth, don’t worry! Getting porcelain veneers in Sydney is a popular practice, so I know from experience that it’s easy to get that beautiful row of pearly whites. See your dentist regularly, brush your teeth twice a day, floss, and remember to drink a lot of water – dry lips can often mean you’re slightly dehydrated.

Perfect base

When picking foundation, you should take its finish into consideration. Matt foundations are great for someone with very oily skin, but otherwise it’s not a bad idea to look for something with a dewy finish. Also, unless you really need full coverage foundation to hide acne and heavy scarring, it’s a much better idea to go with lighter coverage. Born This Way from Too Faced is a great option, and so is Naked Skin from Urban Decay. These foundations will give you that natural glow without getting cakey.

The fun part

And that’s highlighter! Probably my favourite part of the makeup routine, I love strobing. Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop is my favourite, but I find that Wet n Wild has some excellent highlighters as a good drugstore option. You want to dab just a hint of it on the top of your cheekbones, your browbone, your Cupid’s bow and at the tip of your nose. Basically, anywhere where the light naturally hits. You can also take some liquid highlighter and mix in a few drops with your foundation to have that soft, beautiful dewy glow all over.

One last tip before you go: get enough sleep and eat well. Bad life habits reflect on our skin, so if you want a glowing face and body, take care of yourself. Chin up, shoulders straight, and smile confidently! Enjoy the rest of your day, you glowing goddess!


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