Minimizing Your Bra Collection: 3 Must-Have Styles For Your Wardrobe

There are a lot of bra styles out there, but with a few versatile choices you can really trim your wardrobe. That’s great news if you are looking to keep your lifestyle efficient or if you’re packing for a trip and you have limited space. Before you start weeding out old lingerie, consider these three must-have options and what they might be able to replace.

Everyday T-Shirt Bra

The t shirt bra is one of the most popular styles for a good reason. It’s easy to think of them as the normal or default style even though they are a little different from a classic fit, and that is simply because t-shirts, polos, and other tops that these bras are designed to flatter are incredibly popular. They’re not only common causal wear, they make up a huge portion of today’s workwear, especially in public-facing jobs like retail sales and food service. Many women wind up needing more than one to complete a wardrobe.

Special Lace Bra

When it comes to formal occasions and special nights out, you need something that is meant to be seen, even if only partially. Whether you’re showing off as part of a style or stoking your own confidence on the way to a private meetup, sexy lace bras are a must-have item for those days when the right occasion pops up. There are a variety of styles to choose from, too, so it is easy to find a lace bra that flatters any breast shape if you shop with your body type in mind.

Strapless Bras for Everyday Wear

Traditional bra designs wind up showing more than you want with some fits, especially when the weather gets warm. With a comfortable strapless bra, you can wear anything you want without compromising on support or sight lines. Today’s strapless options are are comfortable as other wire free bras, with designs that include organic cotton options for those with sensitive skin. If your only strapless bras are designed with eveningwear in mind, it’s time to broaden your horizons.

Finding the Right Fit for Any Bra Style

The key to finding a comfortable bra is understanding how to adjust your sizing expectations according to your breast type. It starts with the right measurements, which most people understand. Once you have your measurements, though, you need to consider how a bra style fits and how the shape of your breasts might affect that fit. When wearing styles that are more challenging to your body type, adjusting your choice by using a strategy like sister sizing is a great idea.

Sister sizes are band and cup combinations that have the same volume inside the cup despite being different sizes. By adjusting cup size upwards as you adjust the band size down, you can tighten or loosen the band fit without worrying about gapping or spillage.

Find Your Perfect Fit

The key to a comfortable fit is knowing when to replace your bras. If you’re keeping the collection to a minimal size, each one needs to fit like the day you bought it. That means regularly replacing worn bras and changing size as soon as you notice discomfort. Start shopping for your next bra today to stay on top of the rotation.


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