Going Shampoo-free: What Can You Use As a Shampoo Alternative?

Your favorite shampoo can make your hair squeaky clean, but it might overdo its job. Yes, shampoos help eliminate the excess gunk and sebum on your scalp, yet they can also strip off the natural oils, resulting in dryer locks. In reality, most commercial shampoo products contain harmful chemicals for your hair. Rather than keeping your locks healthy, they might worsen your hair condition.

Giving up on using a hair growth shampoo won’t be easy, but you can still find an effective substitute for cleansing your locks. Check out the following natural ingredients as shampoo alternatives.

Five Natural Shampoo Alternatives for Healthier Locks

1. Aloe Vera

Cleansing your hair with aloe vera will not create any lather, but it can still free your scalp from microbes. In fact, aloe vera is antiseptic and antimicrobial that it can protect your pate against fungal and bacterial invasions. Plus, its gel-like texture can also act as a natural conditioner because of its rich moisturizing properties.

2.  Apple Cider Vinegar with Water

Can’t get rid of your dandruff problems? You got apple cider vinegar! This natural ingredient can act as an alternative clarifying agent. It has antifungal properties that can kill off the primary cause of dandruff. ACV also has alpha hydroxy acid, which can help exfoliate your scalp, giving you a cleaner pate. You also get to balance your scalp’s pH level to prevent the roughening of your hair cuticles. As a result, your tresses become softer and smoother. However, since ACV is an acidic solution, you may have to dilute it with water to avoid irritating or burning your scalp and skin.

3.  Eggs

Eggs can make your hair sticky and smelly, but using these animal produce can be a powerful shampoo substitute without leaving your hair dry. Eggs are rich sources of protein, which can penetrate and strengthen your strands. Specifically, egg whites can be your cleansing agent to remove dirt and oil accumulation, while the yolks have water-binding properties, enabling your tresses to trap moisture. 

4.  Green Tea

If you don’t like your hair to smell like raw eggs, you can opt to use green tea for rinsing your locks. Green tea is also another clarifying alternative that best works as an emollient. Green tea is also loaded with pantothenic acid or vitamin B5 that locks in enough moisture for your hair, resulting in softer and more elastic strands. Not only does green tea contain vitamins for ultraviolet ray protection, but it will also make your hair smell fresh and aromatic.

5.  Diluted lemon juice

Lemon juice is a multipurpose natural ingredient. Its high ascorbic acid levels help strengthen your immune system and boost your body’s collagen production for your hair and skin. Lemon juice’s potent astringent properties can effectively balance your hair’s pH level, thereby preventing cuticle damage. It’s also an excellent cleanser, for it can kill bacteria and other harmful organisms dwelling on your pate. 

Contrary to common belief, lemon juice will not make your hair dry. As a matter of fact, it can help regulate the sebum production on your scalp, avoiding greasy locks. However, you might not want to apply the pure lemon extract on your scalp for its citric acid can cause skin irritations. Thus, always dilute lemon juice with water before using it as your hair rinse.

Choose the Best and Safest Cleanser for Your Locks.

Going shampoo-free allows your hair to rest from damaging chemicals. However, don’t stereotype all shampoo products. There are still clarifying and cleansing shampoos in the market that do not contain harmful substances. So, if you don’t want to ditch shampooing yet, it would be best for you to buy a hair growth shampoo made with natural and toxic-free ingredients.


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