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Meet the Enrolling in college and keeping up with classes is challenging. Not only it requires significant efforts to catch up You have spent days preparing for the most important day of the year, i.e. your child’s birthday. You have planned the caterer, the décor, the cake, the clown and everything. Wait! Have you not thought about the return gifts for kids? Planning a child’s birthday is not a child’s play. […]

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Companies are looking forward to hiring those people with a good amount of experience. They are intended to work with people who are really perfect at the things they do or figuratively define the term perfectionist. This helps the company flourish with the people paving the way for future benefits […]

Veterans are people who have spent a great number of years of their lives fighting for the nation. They have spent countless days risking lives in the line of duty just for the purpose of saving their country. Their presence in the nation is of immense importance because they have […]

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Eid Al Adha is one of the best festive occasions where hijabis want to rise and shine to look their very best. In this summer heat, it becomes puzzling to decide what to wear on Eid Al Adha. Bokitta totally understands the dilemma of hijabis who want to opt for […]