4 Reasons To Avoid Cheap Auto Insurance Premiums!

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is a must for anyone who wants to buy/ own a car. Whether this is your first purchase or your fourth, it’s always the same question at the end of the day – what car insurance can I buy that is not only the cheapest auto insurance but, will also keep me covered at all times?

While we may search for the cheapest auto insurance, it may not be the smartest thing to do.

Reasons To Avoid Cheap Insurance Quotes

1. Reap What You Sow

In this case, it is more the case of receiving what you pay for. Everyone knows that the lesser you pay for a product, the lesser its value actually is. Think of it this way ladies – we all know that if we pay $2 for a GUCCI bag, that once you put all your things into it, there are HIGH chances of all your belongings going crashing to the ground with a broken strap or an opened bottom!

In the same way, a cheap car insurance quote may seem like a good idea when you buy auto insurance but, will it actually hold when you need it the most?

2. No Perks

Expecting perks with an insurance quote that is way too cheap to afford perks is like ordering a burger and expecting fries, coke and a toy along with it! It isn’t going to happen!

When I say perks I’m talking about things that you must actually REALLY require like – roadside assistance, coverage of electronic accessories, as well as, non-electronic accessories and fuel assistance! These may not seem all that helpful just reading them out loud but, try picturing yourself stranded on the road with no one to help. You might just need these perks!

3. The Catch

Many auto insurance companies offer you low premium and it sounds amazing! You’re practically over the moon about it! But, nothing good ever comes without a catch! Low automobile insurance premiums most often have a very high deductible rate.

The deductible rate is the amount that you first shell out if you meet with an accident. For example, if your deductible rate is $400, and the damages occurred are $600, you will be paying $400, while your insurance will only cover you for $200. Not quite worth it, right?

4. All Talk And No Show

In this case, you need to beware of ‘all show and no talk’, as in, no way to talk to them when you have an issue! Many insurance companies offer good car insurance premiums but do not offer 24*7 customer service. So, while you may be covered, it can be quite a task to get in touch with the company in the time of an emergency.

It is like buying a new SIM card and then not being able to use it because it functions only from 9 to 5. Doesn’t make any sense, right?

Discount Auto Insurance

While a cheap auto online insurance may not be the best or the smartest option for you, a discount auto insurance is probably one of the best ways to go!

1. More For Less

While a low-cost insurance will avoid coverage of many things, as mentioned above, a discounted car insurance will provide you with proper coverage for a cheaper price. It’s much like shopping at Aldo while the sale is still on – the quality is the same but, there is a decrease in the price! It’s practically a win-win situation on your side!

2. No Catch

A discounted premium will not have any catch to it, unlike a cheap car insurance quote. It’s more of a ‘what you see is what you get’ package, without any, ‘read between the line’ instances!

So, make sure to opt for the right type of automobile insurance while buying your new car!


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