5 Things You Didn’t Know Your Shoes Say About You

5 Things You Didn’t Know Your Shoes Say About You

Your shoes are a major part of your outfit. They also protect your feet and keep them (hopefully) comfortable throughout the day. However, you may not always give much thought to your shoes, at least beyond whether they look good. Interestingly, shoes can say a lot about a person. Use the tips below to pick a pair of shoes – and possibly make your own socks to match – to make the statement you want to make.

1) Whether You’re Introverted or Extraverted

It is probably no surprise that shoes can let you know whether someone is more introverted or extraverted. However, you may be surprised to learn that research shows that both groups of people wear brightly-colored shoes almost equally. While colorful and bold shoes may seem like a big, outgoing statement, they aren’t always.

Instead, it is wear and tear that tends to correlate to extraversion. People who don older, more worn-out shoes are more likely to be extraverts. Additionally, people sporting high-top sneakers are also more likely to be extraverts.

2) Tendency To Get Attached

Shoe condition also tells us a little about a person’s tendency to get attached. You may think that people who have really well-kept shoes would be very focused on details. However, this doesn’t appear to be the case. Instead, condition correlates more to whether someone seeks validation in others or not.

It makes sense. People who are hyper-focused on their shoes being perfect want others to like their shoes. Researchers call this attachment anxiety. In the workplace, pristine shoes will generally adorn the feet of coworkers who like to get approval for their work.

3) Leadership Tendency

Custom shoes can say a lot about a person. One of those personality traits is the tendency to lead. People getting custom prints on their shoes are more likely to forge their own paths and act as trendsetting leaders.

If you want to show off your leadership potential, take things to the next level by also choosing to make your own socks. You can take your bold shoe statement up a notch with coordinated custom socks.

4) Wanting To Feel Powerful

People who wear high heels are doing so to feel powerful and attractive. They want to make a strong statement. This is even more significant if those shoes are designer heels. This doesn’t mean that high heels reflect a lack of confidence. However, it does mean that the wearer wants others to see their confidence.

5) Pragmatism

People who confine themselves to practical shoes are, unsurprisingly, pragmatic people. Totally bland flats aren’t the only way to demonstrate pragmatism. However, comfortable and usable shoes tend to be favored by those who put function over form. They are less concerned with what their shoes say and more concerned with getting the job done.

Get the Right Socks For Your Look

You can say as much about yourself with your socks as you can with your shoes. Make your own socks using Socks Rocks and create a bold statement with a fun design. Alternatively, opt for something practical and comfortable. Either way, you can be confident you’ll be getting high-quality custom socks.


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