How To Move Like A Fashionista: Packing Your Clothes The Right Way

When you’re a fashionista, your clothes mean everything to you. You want all your wardrobe items to be stored the right way so they can last you years. If you decide to move, their safety is your number one priority. During a relocation, if you don’t take the necessary decisions regarding your clothes, they could get wrinkly, stained, or even tear. For a fashionista like you, packing your clothes is just as important as finding your dream house or apartment.

Lucky for you, packing your stuff the right way shouldn’t be a problem if you know what to do. There are many ways you can pack your clothes most efficiently, giving all your wardrobe items the safety they need. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to move like a true fashionista, focusing on the proper packing guidelines. 

1.Take only the clothes you need

The key to a successful move is being organized. That’s especially true for someone who adores fashion. What’s the secret? Ideally, it would help if you got rid of all the items that you need. Once you do that, you won’t have to pack that many things, you save yourself time and money, and you can be more efficient when the big day comes.

How to sort all of your belongings? First of all, don’t pack the clothes you don’t need anymore. Get rid of the items that are out of fashion, worn out or outgrown, or the ones that don’t suit your style anymore, and you know you won’t wear them ever again. But remember, throwing out all of your wardrobe items is not the best possible solution. A better option is to donate your possessions to a charity, organize a quick garage sale, or ask your friends or family if they need any of them.

2.Organize your items

Always try to group your clothes according to your needs after the relocation. Doing it organized and following a logical pattern, you will have an easier time unpacking, plus you won’t have to deal with wrinkles and any unwanted things that can mess up your clothes. 

When it comes to sorting your belongings, there are four main categories. Sort them according to their material, size, season, and also need. As far as the material goes, always remember that some can be stored in boxes, while others are better on a hanger. Of course, you should put all your small items into one box, while bigger items require careful packing. 

3.Time to pack

Once you dealt with the logistics aspect of packing your clothes, it’s time to pack everything as you’ve planned. If you want to do it flawlessly, get your hand on some wardrobe boxes. The tall boxes have special hanging racks, which help to make sure your clothes won’t get wrinkled. Plus, these items offer perfect protection against dust or dirt. 

Of course, apart from wardrobe boxes, you must use several suitcases. Small or large, these are excellent tools when it comes to protecting all your possessions during the relocation fully. You should store your most treasured and expensive items in your suitcases. If you want to make your life easier, try to buy bags with wheels, as they can be transported more easily. 

4.Hire a moving company that knows what fashionistas want

Yes, moving can be tiresome and complicated if you do it without help. Should you do it alone? Of course not! To make it easier for you, try to hire a moving company that worked with fashionistas, designers, clothing retailers and shops, so they can satisfy all your particular needs and take care of your belongings.

Always pick a firm that has the proper experience in the commercial industry, the right tools, and workforce to deal with every single situation that might arise during the move. With the right commercial movers NYC, all of your precious clothes will be in good hands during every single step of the relocation.


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