Tips On Wearing Sheer Blouses

Sheer is a fashion trend that has been in style for many years. From runway looks to casual dressing, sheer has appeared successfully in women’s clothing often. While wearing something transparent is certainly a bold decision, doing it right is important in order to look chic yet classy and modest.

A see-through blouse, for example, is a wonderfully versatile piece of clothing that goes well with pants and skirts. It can also be donned with a smart blazer or a jacket. Depending on how you style it, sheer has many options.

There are certain tips to follow while wearing sheer, so that you have no accidental skin show, can wear it comfortably even at the office and look your best.


Sheer clothing is available in various degrees of transparency. You can find lace or crochet tops, for instance, that are sheer but very low on transparency. Net, on the other hand may be fully transparent. 

Clothes that are transparent only at the shoulder and arms offer a more comfortable and modest way of wearing sheer. You can choose a see-through blouse or a sheer shirt that is opaque at the bust, stomach and back, leaving your arm skin to be visible through the transparent sleeves.

If you do wish to wear complete sheer, layering can make it look more appropriate.


When wearing sheer, layering is the most important style tip

It helps in two ways. First, it makes you look more put together and elegant; and second, you will be more comfortable throughout the day when you know that you won’t have any unwanted slip ups or skin peeking through your clothes.

Lingerie is key when going sheer. The right bras and camisoles are required so that you do not draw attention to what’s inside your sheer shirt. Preferably, choose a camisole of the same color as your top or a nude one. 

Blazers and jackets are options for layering over your see-through blouse. This will give a smart and elegant look to your attire. This style can work for formal occasions as well.

3.Different clothing options

Sheer is available in shirts, blouses, skirts, pants, jackets, coats, and even shawls. See-through blouses are the most popular choice as these are easy to wear and easy to style. But if you can carry it off, skirts with lining or sheer shawls look golden in summers.

4.Adapting sheer to different places and occasions

Office wear must be comfortable and not draw too much attention to your skin. But if you want to make sheer work, pair it with the right layers and you are good to go. It is best not to risk wearing a sheer blouse without a camisole, with just a jacket or blazer over it. In case you need to remove the blazer, it is better to have the right coverage.

5.Dressing appropriately

Sheer can look classy and sexy, or quite vulgar if not worn correctly. Think of the place and the occasion and choose wisely. 


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