12 Accessories That Will Upgrade Any Outfit

We’re of the philosophy that every good look starts with the basics and ends with fabulous accessories. With the right set of shoes, handbags, jewelry, hair accessories and belts, you can dial up even the simplest and most underwhelming ensembles to runway-worthy levels. But which outfit add-ons are worth your time and hard-earned cash? We’ve put together a list below to help you complete your look with the cutest and most versatile accessories.

  • A Chain Strap Handbag — The iconic Chanel flap bag traces its roots back to 1955, yet it remains a favorite among trend-setters and classicists alike. But you need not shell out thousands to get this look. The popularity of the French designer shoulder bag has spurred a whole new genre of trendy purses equipped with charming chain straps, so you can easily find one within your budget. These bags are ideal for dressier dinners and evenings out.
  • Cute, Waterproof Rain Boots — If rain in the forecast makes you feel like you’re going to have to compromise a cute outfit, you don’t have the right rain-ready accessories. Start with a pair of cute rain boots for women that look like regular day-to-day boots but are made with waterproof materials.
  • Platform Sandals — In the market for a pair of cute, comfortable flats that don’t, well, fall flat? Elevate your look, quite literally, with a pair of platform sandals that give typical slides a run for their money. These can be dressed up with skirts and dresses or styled in a more casual way with jeans and shorts, depending on the vibe you’re going for.
  • A Pair of Retro Sunglasses — Want to look ultra-glamorous without investing in expensive designer attire? Our favorite move is to head to the local thrift or vintage store and get a pair of statement-making sunglass frames. If you wear prescription sunglasses, check with your eye doctor about having the frames fitted with your Rx. You may even be able to upcycle old frames into chic daily wear glasses or reading glasses for a custom flair.
  • Custom Stacked Bracelets — While charm bracelets may not be as trendy as they once were, that doesn’t mean you should stop expressing yourself through your wrist candy. Whether they’re stamped with your name, the date of your anniversary or a special phrase, you can bring back the charm of the charm bracelet with custom stacking bracelets.
  • A Funky Barrette — Hair clips are back in style, and we’re not complaining! Clip in a little something extra with a dazzling barrette made with rhinestones, pearls or gold. You don’t have to go over the top with the clips á la Dorit Kemsley, either. One or two per ’do will do!

  • An Elegant Gold Watch — A gold bracelet watch is one of those accessories that will always be in style, so it’s worth the investment if you want to go with real gold. If you’re afraid this isn’t a style that you’ll rock regularly, go for a fashion watch rather than something expensive from the jewelry store. 
  • Eye-Catching Rings — No matter if your vibe is chunky and statement-making or dainty and delicate, the rings you wear on your fingers will add so much to your whole outfit and style. While you may have cute rings you wear every day, the important thing is to swap in some fun special occasion styles to go with your dressy or unique outfits.
  • Layered Necklaces — It’s the same idea here! Why wear a single necklace when you can wear three at once? Stacking or layered necklaces add a cool dimension and intrigue to the neckline and make any outfit totally your own. Make sure to stagger them by length so you can see each individual necklace and so the chains don’t get tangled with each other.
  • A Genuine Leather Belt — Now that the so-called “Gucci belt mania” has died down significantly, it’s time to get back to basics. While the double-G belt was and still is arguably a steadfast wardrobe classic, we think any genuine leather belt with a brass or gold buckle will upgrade your look. If you want to add something unique, pick a belt with a funky retro buckle or one in the shape of a snake or lion’s head. You can often find genuine leather belts at thrift stores, vintage stores or maker’s markets for a fair price.
  • Dangle Earrings — If your idea of accessorizing is about playing into a certain theme or commanding attention in a fun way, you’ll want to start investing in your dangle earring collection immediately. For those who adore a little novelty, pick out some fun holiday-themed or seasonal earrings. If you prefer subtle charm, go for a pair of gold or silver hoops that give your whole look a more refined, classy feel.
  • White Sneakers — White shoes are a closet essential, but they often intimidate people who worry about getting them dirty. If you want to ensure that your kicks remain crisp no matter how often you wear them — whether they’re white or not — look into investing in a pair of washable shoes for women. One example of washable shoes is the nike air force 1 women. Being able to toss your shoes into the wash will ensure that you look and feel put together.


Perhaps we’re in the minority, but we believe that the accessories make the outfit and not the other way around. Any of these incredible accessories will help you create standout looks that honor your personal style and whatever’s on the agenda for the day.


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