10 Things To Remember When Wearing Camisole Tops

Gone are the days when camisole tops used to be worn as just loungewear or innerwear.

In recent years, everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Kylie Jenner has shown that they are much more than just a clothing accessory you use for layering.

In reality, cami or camisole tops are versatile, fashionable, and sexy pieces of accessories. They come in a range of different fabrics, textures, styles, cuts, and more.

If you have been someone that has traditionally turned to a camis to layer on a wintery day, or have always worn them indoors, this article will help present them in a new light.

You might think that wearing a camis as a standalone piece of clothing is difficult.

There is always the danger of exposing some part of your skin. Additionally, how do you wear something that you have always worn to sleep?

In this fashion blog, we help women that want to know more about styling camis for women. We list down ten things that you should remember when wearing camisole tops.

List of 10 Things to Remember When Wearing Camisole Tops

1.Camis are standalone pieces of clothing-

Yup, you read that right. If you do not believe us, pair the cami with a pair of high-waisted jeans or wear it under a jacket.

You can either go for a tuck-in option or leave it flowing outside. Make sure that you are going for camis that are nice and loose and not super tight.

With the right amount of looseness and slouchiness, you want to go for a relaxed and no-fuss look.

2.Camis need to be worn with the right bra-

Most fashion experts think that bra styles and technologies have come a long way in supporting camisole tops.

You do not need to worry about your lady parts being out in full public display upon wearing a cami. You can always go with a lacey bra or a cheeky peek through the bandeau.

If you are conscious about the fat, try a smoothening bra for the best results.

3.You can wear camis for both the dressy as well as the casual look-

Most of us will remember that the last time, camis were in vogue was back when they were created in satin or lace fabrics.

In 2021, we are happy to state that this is not the case. From linen to silk, camis now come in a wide variety of fabric options.

You can style them with some distressed jeans, blingy earrings, and a sling bag for a cool, laid-back, and relaxed vibe.

4.Camis can be layered with other clothing underneath-

You might have noticed how some celebrities in recent times have been using the cami as an over-the-top and layering something underneath it.

One way to do that can be with a full-sleeve turtleneck top. You can contrast the colors and look chic and fashionable.

For example, try wearing a black or dark-colored cami on top of a white turtleneck top for best results.

5.Skirts look great when paired with a cami top-

If you have been watching Suits, you must love the way Meghan Markle, aka, Rachel Zane pairs cute cami tops with skirts.

This is a fashion statement that needs to be explored by others. You can use a pencil skirt, tuck in the cami, and go for a look that is sensual, classy, and very feminine.

Trust us when we say you are sure to have all eyes on you after this.

6.Get your camisole in different fabric options-

Leading fashion brands are famous for creating camis in a range of fabric options. For example, you can opt for one in satin, lace, linen, and cotton.

Depending on the time of day you are wearing it, you can choose between a white cotton cami for the day and a shimmering bronze satin one for the night.

This is a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn day or night.

7.Select the right kind of jeans to wear with your camisole tops-

Do not make the mistake of wearing flared ankle-length low-rise boot cut jeans with a cami, especially a V-neck one.

Camisole tops best go with a pair of high-waisted jeans. If you want a clearer picture, you can pair a white V-neck cami with a pair of mommy jeans that has some distressed look to them.

It helps keep the body parts under tact and allows you to put your best foot forward.

8.Don’t be afraid to wear your camisole tops to the office-

Picture this. You are wearing a nice camisole top and pairing it with some figure-hugging formal pants.

It shows you are confident and conscious about your appearance without being too raunchy at the workplace.

Like we mentioned before, you can also use pencil skirts to accentuate your feminine curves. Try to go for contrasting color options.

9.Camis are perfect for casual out and about events in town-

Whether you are someone who is heading out for a date or looking to hang out with your friends at the mall, you can wear camis for either occasion.

Being so versatile, they are an easy and quick fix to helping you feel nice and comfortable.

You are not going to ever look under-dressed when wearing camis the right way. Use a jacket for enhancing the overall look.

10.Can come to your aid during the worst wardrobe crisis-

A top that reveals a bit too much? Or, a plunging v-neckline that solicits unwanted gaze?

Fret not, you can always turn to your camisole top to cover up areas of your body you do not want on public display.

Yes, the last point is all about using your cami top as a layering agent. If you are wearing a sheer top, make sure to wear a cami underneath to help avert a wardrobe disaster.

The Bottom Line

Camisole tops are one piece of clothing that can become whatever you want it to. Whether you are going for a sexy look, or want to simply chill with a beer in your hand on warm Sunday brunch, you can do both with ease in a cami.

Make sure that you are going with good and reputed fashion brands when buying a cami. Pay attention to the styling and fit before you make the final purchase.

If you want us to address any more styling questions on the cami, please let us know in the comments below.


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