4 Reason Why Kurta for Men Is Everyone’s Obsession in 2023

These days fashion is more about comfort with style than keeping up with the trends. We all love to get comfortable in a loose T-shirt and joggers or maybe baggy pants. Linen and cotton shirts are synonyms of ‘comfort’ in the world of formal wear. But do you know which other outfit is more comfortable than the western one? Let us know in depth below . 

Kurtas are not restricted only to older men, even Gen-Z can wear kurtas and style them as per their standards. A kurta for men is one of the most comfortable outfits that you can own. The versatility that comes along with a kurta is second to none because you can wear them almost everywhere. From college to the office to parties to religious places, a kurta holds the power to transform itself as per the occasion. 

If you still think you’re better off with your jeans and T-shirt, let us tell you why kurtas should be your next game-changer.

  • Comfort: Let’s start with the most obvious fact. One cannot argue how comfortable kurtas are. To experience the ultimate comfort, you can choose to wear a cotton kurta or a linen one for a ‘formal touch’. These fabrics work wonders during the summer because they have an excellent capacity to absorb sweat. They are easy and breezy, which is enough reason for you to buy a couple right away.
  • Multiple styling options: If you walk fashion, talk fashion and eat fashion, you would surely have a couple of styling tricks up your sleeves. Once you wear a kurta you will come up with multiple ways to style it, depending on the occasion. If you are wearing a kurta to college, pair it with jeans or a pyjama if you’re all set for some festivities and add on a Nehru jacket if it’s a wedding. With so many ways to style a kurta, you will never get bored of wearing it again and again.
  • Have fun with quirky prints: If you think kurtas are reserved only for older men, wait till you see the vast collection of quirky prints they come in. If you want to ditch the boring regular look, you can switch to kurtas in funky prints and colours. From embracing the fruity theme to neon colours, there is no dearth of fashion that you can pull off with kurtas.
  • Flattering on all shapes and sizes: If you think your body doesn’t look great in a shirt tucked into your trousers, you can wear a kurta instead. The flowy silhouette of a kurta will cover all those unflattering aspects of your body. You can wear it with trousers if you’re going to work or with jeans for a casual outing. Kurtas look best on men of all shapes and sizes.

Style your kurta for men by seeking styling tips from experts. From asymmetrical designs to quirky prints to the latest patterns and amazing colours, there are different kurtas for men that you can stock in your wardrobe to keep up with your style.


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