Where to Get Simply Southern Shirts Online 

Every time you see a preppy shirt that embraces the American lifestyle, it’s likely got a “Simply Southern” tag. The brand has been growing significantly over the past few years. You’ll find an array of vibrant t-shirts with catchy slogans and graphics on them. The best part is that the brand offers clothing for men and women.

The brand has come a long way – and the Simply Southern shirts can now be found in a variety of online retailers. Knowing where to buy your shirts online will give you the greatest variety to choose from at the most affordable prices.

Imagine That Boutique

Imagine That Boutique offers a wide array of Simply Southern shirts for you to explore. As one of the best online boutiques, ITB provides access to some of the top offerings from the brand, including shirts, hoodies, and even beanies.

The inventory is always changing, making it easy for you to keep your wardrobe looking fresh.

The boutique prides itself on offering premium customer service, so you’ll always have access to its staff when you have questions, concerns, or just need a recommendation of what to buy.

The bonus is that when you sign up for their newsletter, you can look forward to a promo code being emailed to you. It’s a chance to save even more on your Simply Southern purchases for the whole family.

Palmetto Moon

Palmetto Moon is an online boutique that identifies Simply Southern as one of the top brands that they promote. Men, women, and kids can find plenty to wear from the brand – and there are countless accessories available on the site, too.

The t-shirts from the brand are preppy and fun, covering everything from dogs to southern beaches. Everyone can find a style – and plenty of colors are available.

Accessories include everything from totes to license plate covers to steering wheel covers. It ensures you have access to stunning Simply Southern items for your home and to give as gifts.

Palmetto Moon also offers free shipping once $75 is spent, making it easy for you to fill your cart without worrying about the added cost of shipping.

Prep Obsessed

Prep Obsessed specializes in preppy clothing, so it’s only natural for them to embrace the Simply Southern brand. Not only do they have tees and long-sleeved shirts, but they also have dresses, leggings, and even sandals from the brand.

The boutique caters to the whole family, so you’ll be able to find the trendiest clothing in sizes for women, men, and youth. A filter in the store also makes it easy to filter so that you can see all of the latest clothing and accessories to drop.

Prep Obsessed also has a coupon available to new shoppers on the site. As soon as you sign up for their newsletter, you can get the coupon code to help you save.


Gliks is home to a number of top brands to help live your life in the adventurous lane. Not only do they carry Simply Southern designs, but they also carry designs from Patagonia and The North Face.

As you explore the Simply Southern collection online, you’ll find items for men, women, and youth. There are also countless accessories so that you can have the brand alongside you on all of your adventures.

New items are being added regularly, and the boutique prides itself on featuring the latest collections so that you can always be fashion-forward.

Free shipping can also help you to save as long as you spend a certain amount at a time.

Girls Round Here

Girls Round Here is a fresh take on an online boutique, offering fun and quirky designs. Don’t let the name of the boutique fool you. They have clothing for men and women, too.

You’ll find Simply Southern tees along with shoes, jackets, and masks. There are also tumblers, allowing you to have a sip of sweet tea while you coordinate with what you’re wearing for the day. Any true southern can never have too many drink tumblers.

Girls Round Here loves to put items on sale, so it’s a chance to save when you catch the right deal. There’s always a deal of the day, and you’ll want to check out their new arrivals for the latest Simply Southern gear, too.

The Lamp Stand

The Lamp Stand may not sound like an online boutique where you’d find Simply Southern. However, it is a large boutique to encompass everything from home goods to clothing. It allows you to shop for everything southern in one place.

Shirts, dresses, socks, and accessories are found in abundance – and the Simply Southern brand allows you to embrace the stunning southern designs. Plaid, sunflowers, and more are found. It’s perfect for everyone in the family. Bandanas are even available for the family dog.

Free shipping is available throughout The Lamp Stand, allowing you to fill your cart without wondering what it’s going to cost you to get it shipped to your front door.

Pee Dee Outfitters

Pee Dee Outfitters is an online boutique that caters to the outdoor lifestyle. Ladies, women, and children can find what they’re looking for to be fashionable and functional. Brands include Simply Southern, Yeti, and more.

Within the Simply Southern Brand, you can shop for everything from cheer shorts to t-shirts to clogs. Everything is absolutely adorable with the southern designs you have come to expect from the brand.

Pee Dee Outfitters allows you to shop online as well as in-person in their boutiques that span North and South Carolina.

How to Find the Right Boutique

Finding the right boutique can be a challenge as there are so many that offer Simply Southern clothing and accessories. Know what it is that you’re looking for so that you can see if it is offered.

Take the time to make some comparisons between pricing as well as the offers for shipping and other discounts.

Especially if you’re looking to encompass all of the latest trends, be sure that you choose an online boutique that provides you with access to Simply Southern as well as other top brands.


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