10 Surprisingly Simple Birthday Gifts that will Thrill & Delight

When it comes to giving birthday gifts, you want to be on target with gifting an item you know the birthday boy or girl will love, and something that is unique and let’s face it, affordable! Celebrating birthdays is a time-honored tradition. Whether it’s a family member or friend, it doesn’t take too much thought and effort to present them with just the right gift. 
  1. A Smattering of Seed Packets – Does your loved one talk about planting a garden? Maybe they just want to perk up the patch of lawn by their mailbox. Or maybe they have a small outdoor space that could use a little bit of color. Choose a variety of 5 or 6 packets of seeds that correspond with their given space. Then place them in a natural terra cotta pot with a card and you’ve planted the seeds for future blooming happiness.
  2. Fun Beach Towels – The great thing about towels is that they don’t know the difference between beach water and shower water, so they can be used during the summer for fun beach days, and in the wintertime for luxuriating after a shower. If you’re not sure of a style to choose, bright stripes or polka dots will always exude a sense of good cheer and celebration.
  3. Visa Gift Card – Conveniently available online, you can easily customize your Visa gift cards with a picture of the two of you together or any other special captured imagery. Personalizing the text is easy too. “Happy Birthday” always works but there are other creative alternatives such as “May this day be as exceptional as you are,” “Another year around the sun” and “Let’s party like it’s 1999, or the year of their birth.”  They’ll get to choose something they crave, and the personalized card will become a treasured keepsake.
  4. A Handcrafted Broom – The simple broom is one of man’s first functional inventions. Way back when, they were likely made of twigs, leaves, branches, and sometimes feathers and husks. A variety of lore surrounds brooms that often involves sweeping away negativity and bad energy. Gifting a handcrafted broom, which is a one-of-a-kind piece, is an easy and retro-stylish way to make their house a home.
  5. A Miniatures Kit – There’s a rising popularity in kits, largely due to the pandemic and people staying at home. For people who enjoy working with details and miniatures in general, you can choose from a vast array of mini kits such as pirate ships, dollhouses, historic landmarks, fairy gardens, terrariums, and more. Fun and endlessly interesting, it’s a great hobby for people who may or may not have realized how much they enjoy crafting.
  6. Interesting Coffee Mugs filled with Treats – Most of the population uses a coffee mug at least once a day, and your birthday guy or gal is probably no exception. Coffee mugs are a simple gift, but also provide room for thoughtfulness. What are their hobbies? Do they own pets? What is their occupation? Are they proud of the city or state where they live? Any of the answers to these questions will help guide you toward that perfect coffee mug. For a birthday bonus, fill the mug with chocolate goodies or old-fashioned gumballs.
  7. A Selection of Herbal Teas – Consider buying a variety box of tea flavors or select them individually on your own. Put the tea packets in a small, stylish wooden box for maximum gift-giving panache. Choose from beloved favorites like Peppermint, Chai, Earl Grey, Irish Breakfast, China Oolong, Pure Chamomile, Green Tea, and Lemon & Ginger.
  8. Candles – These days, candles are available in just about any scent, color, width, height, and even number of wicks. Some are stackable and others can be placed on water for a very cool floating effect. You can even go the flameless route with battery and remote operated candles. Because candles are available just about everywhere and anywhere, they are a simple, stylish gift that will always elicit a smile!
  9. A Hanging Flowerpot – Flowers have the unique ability to convey comfort and evoke joy. Gifting the birthday guy or gal a hanging flowerpot filled with colorful blooms, or perhaps a simple potted, uniquely shaped cactus is something that they will cherish and hold dear. Never underestimate the power of organic beauty!
  10. Throw Pillows – Who doesn’t love a throw pillow or two, tossed on the sofa or loveseat to maximize coziness? Available in any big box store or boutique, these cuddle worthy décor accents add a happy vibe. Choose your gifted pillow with the receiver in mind by considering whether they appreciate uncomplicated designs, or do they fawn over floral? Are they a tassels kind of person or would they prefer clean, even corners?

When choosing a birthday gift for a loved one, friend or colleague, going simplistic can be the perfect route to take. As long as you keep your heart in it, you’re sure to thrill and delight the recipient!


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