How Do Secrets Affect Your Mental Health

Every person in the world is made up of secrets. Some of which they might share with people close to them, but others they keep locked up inside.

While having secrets is human nature, it’s carrying them that presents to be immensely challenging. The reason is that it’s impossible not to want to share them with anyone. While some people might spill their beans to a stranger on a dark evening, others might prefer to post them online as John Doe to maintain their sanity.

The Science behind Self-Disclosure

Why do people want to share secrets? The reason is that everyone tries to find meaning in their lives, and they reveal themselves to find a connection between their past and possible future.

Looking for the meanings behind certain things has always been a massive motivation for people, as it is a part of improving mental health. 

In the eyes of adversity and challenges, people go into a state of denial, and they try to shut everything out. On their attempts to find the meaning behind what happened, they slowly start to cope with their situations and try to interpret what went awry. This way, they are able to put back their world together and regain their mentality.

But revealing a secret can be consequential. You don’t know what might happen, or how a person might react. This is generally why people try to find a neutral ground to disclose private information, as there are no consequences if you’re simply a John Doe.

The Benefits of Sharing Secrets

The first and most sought after benefit of revealing private information is removing the burden from the mind. Hiding a secret is challenging, but you might often find yourself always thinking about it. Sharing it with someone can improve your mental health.

The second is that it takes the stress of hiding it away. You might not want to reveal the information to certain people, which can be very stressful. By sharing your secrets with someone who will not be affected by them, you’re ultimately getting rid of the social stress that comes along with keeping things bottled up.


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