Sneakers are a footwear that more and more people wear. They became so popular the last 15 years and will continue to be a part of our wardrobes. Sneakers are comfortable shoes which can be combined with various outfits. There are so many types of sneakers that many people mistake so in this article we will share with you the most popular 10 types of sneakers and how to wear them. All sneakers may look similar in outfits but actually every type requires a different pairing. For example not all sneakers can be worn with socks. Try defining your sneakers by the types in this article and follow our style guidelines and you will definitely top up your sneakers game! 

Athletic sneakers

These days athletic footwear got trendy and the biggest brands invested a lot in these types of models. Back in the days running shoes were something you put only when you go training but nowaday we see people on the streets, at the clubs and even on official occasions wearing stylish athletic sneakers. These sneakers are the perfect blend of functionality and style. Pair them with your more casual outfits. Jeans and jogging are perfect but we don’t recommend you to wear them with a dress. Even casual outfits can be too casual. 

Plimsoll sneakers 

Even if the name doesn’t sound familiar to you I’m sure that you are familiar with plimsoll sneakers. They are extremely popular amongst young and older people. Another name that you might have heard about them is low top sneakers. They stop just below the ankle. The most famous plimsoll sneakers are converse sneakers. There are many brands to choose from, many colors and materials of these sneakers. They are best worn with skinny jeans, rolled to reveal your naked ankle. Don’t wear high socks with these! 

Plimsoll sneakers 

High top basketball sneakers

Yes! With these types of sneakers you can wear long socks. The socks will be hidden in your high top. They are really comfortable because they support your ankle. They match especially well with the tight jeans of today, even though they became famous on the basketball court. Be careful when you wear them in summer because you might feel too hot. 

Even though they give away more of a sporty look than most sneakers, if paired with the right outfit they can turn into a fabulous part of your weekend look. 

Chunky sneakers

Definitely one of the most trendy types of sneakers in the world in 2020 continuing in 2021. You might also heard people naming it bulky footwear or dad-shoes.  Chunky sneakers are with interesting designs. Absolutely the opposite of minimalistic, they are made with many materials, layers and big sizes. They are perfect for your street outfits and casual once. Most popular way of wearing chunky sneakers is with long pants. You can also pair them with shorts or a short dress. 

Chunky sneakers

Slip on sneakers

The classic slip on sneakers have absolutely no shoelaces on them. These sneakers are smooth and are making a comeback in metallic and interesting patterns. They are really easy to wear and a good option if you want to slip on something fast and go out. They are ooze casual similar to plimsoll sneakers and like them you shouldn’t wear them with high socks. 

Slip on sneakers are the perfect choice for you if you’re wondering what to wear on those long, warm summer days. 

Leather Sneakers

Leader sneakers are a trend now. When you buy a pair of this type of sneakers you invest in the long haul because they will last you many years and won’t lose their appeal. These are usually more expensive but suit business and more formal which means that you can wear them at work. Leather sneakers are also great for sports because leather gets softer the more you wear them. Never wear them with long socks. 

Leather Sneakers

Sneakers have been a massive part of the fashion industry for many years now and they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. With more and more brands releasing new styles, the options are almost endless. In fact, there’s this custom air force 1 that fits well in different sets of outfits. Hopefully our guide will give you a better look into the world of sneakers and help you choose the right style and pair for you.



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