Read this before buying a diamond at Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth has garnered a lot of attention in the world of upscale jewelry because of its commitment to providing high-end jewelry that is ecologically responsible. Informed consumers are ratcheting up their demands to know more about the lifecycle of the products they are purchasing. Every time we buy something, we create a ripple in a supply chain that either promotes or harms the environment, and either supports or harms fair labor practices.

Responsible consumerism may be more important in the purchase of jewelry than in any other item that the average consumer purchases. Fine jewelry is made up of precious and semi-precious stones and precious metals. As the stones and metals must be mined, there is no question that each purchase has an environmental impact.

In this review of Brilliant Earth, we will focus on the diamond industry, as it is a place where egregious harm has been done to the environment and people in the past. Diamonds are rare, beautiful stones that have been in demand for centuries. Brilliant Earth has recognized that there is a growing market for diamonds that are sourced responsibly, with as little environmental impact as possible.

Why should Brilliant Earth be your source for diamonds?

Brilliant Earth has created a supply chain, now utilizing blockchain technology, that allows them to track each diamond the sell from the mine where it originated to the place of the final sale. The robust chain of custody monitoring is critical to allow Brilliant Earth to deal with providers that only source their diamonds from places that have a proven track record of environmentally responsible mining, as well as fair labor and trade practices.

Brilliant Earth also reinvests into mining communities. Five percent of the net profits from Brilliant Earth support programs that improve the lives of those in mining communities and in programs that combat human rights abuses and improve environmental practices in the jewelry industry.

Responsible consumers are becoming more aware of the impact that their buying power has on those around the world, and are seeking to spend their money on products that employ ethical practices in their creation. When you buy a diamond from Brilliant Earth, you will know where the diamond originated and can rest assured that your purchase did not contribute to the pain and suffering of others or unnecessary environmental degradation.

Brilliant Earth also deals in lab-made diamonds, which eradicates the practice of mining. Lab-created diamonds have the identical chemical structure, as well as look and appeal, of mined diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are a fast-growing trend for the most environmentally conscious consumers who want to make sure their luxury jewelry does not harm the environment. Recycled diamonds are also offered by Brilliant Earth, giving customers a choice about the origin of their diamonds.

How do Brilliant Earth’s diamonds compare to other fine jewelers?

Brilliant Earth offers a vast selection of both natural and lab-made diamonds in a variety of shapes, sizes, grades, and colors. They provide a unique service in allowing customers to create their own diamond ring or diamond earring design. Customers appreciate the ability to be involved in the creation of their jewelry and customizing the piece exclusively for the person for whom it is intended.

Brilliant Earth’s diamonds come with a certificate or grading report from well-recognized grading labs such as IGI, GCAL, and GIA. The four C’s of diamonds, the cut, color, clarity, and carat will have a significant impact on the value of a diamond. Having a certified diamond gives you peace of mind in knowing that an expert independently evaluated the diamond you purchased. The certificate or grading report will be necessary to buy the proper insurance for your diamond.

Lab-made diamonds are graded and certified by the same process used in mined diamonds. Lab-made diamonds are less expensive than mined diamonds of the same grade, offering an environmentally friendly alternative that costs less. Many upscale jewelry stores do not deal with lab-made diamonds, denying consumers the choice of purchasing a diamond that has a significantly lower environmental impact.

Brilliant Earth offers appointments at their showrooms, or virtually, with jewelry specialists who are knowledgable about diamonds. These specialists can teach you about the four C’s of diamonds and offer guidance to help you find the diamond that best suits you. There are no high-pressure sales tactics, as Brilliant Earth wants its customers to make informed decisions about their jewelry needs.



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