3 Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Necklace Length for Your Neckline

Choosing a necklace length can be really simple when you know the factors that should influence your decision. Let the tough decision be deciding what style of chain to choose. There are a few things you definitely want to consider when choosing the right necklace length for your neckline that will make you appreciate the necklace more. It just might end up being the one necklace that you don’t want to ever take off.

1. The Shape of Your Face

Although the shape of your face isn’t such a big deal as you might think. If you think of a necklace as a frame for your face, then you can see why buying a necklace can be kind of a big deal. The right length can make your cheekbones look absolutely stunning or create a slimmer jawline. Oval faces tend to have the most versatility when it comes to necklace options. Every length necklace is a good choice. However, heart-shaped faces do well with chokers and shorter necklaces to help balance a narrow chin. Round faces look better with slightly longer chains because shorter necklaces tend to draw attention to the roundness of the face.

2. The Size of Your Neck

The size or circumference of your neck has a lot to do with the length of your necklace as well as the style. A short chain on a larger neck will cause it to fall at a different place on the chest than a short chain on a smaller neck. If you are looking to buy a choker, then you absolutely should take a moment to measure your neck so that you can be comfortable while wearing your adornment. When calculating the length of a choker, ass two inches to your neck measurement. Chokers are a great addition for someone with a longer neck. If you’re looking for a chain to put the pendant on, adding four to six inches to your measurement will have your pendant land in a good spot.

3. Your Body Type

Where the end of your necklace falls is exactly where a person’s eyes are most likely to fall. This means that you want your necklace to land in a flattering spot. If you want to draw attention away from a larger bust, a short-chain that falls on your chest or a long chain that falls below the bust line are good options. Whether you’re full-figured or slim, a necklace that falls around the collar bone is a classic choice that won’t disappoint. Considering your body type and your shape can make a big difference in the way your chain hangs.


There are so many details that go into putting together a show-stopping outfit that says all the right things, and a good necklace is one of them. It is important to have neckwear that flatters you. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece, something for daily wear or costume jewelry, knowing how to choose what will always look good on you.


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