Can’t Decide on the Wedding Makeup? Learn How to Channel Your Inner MUA

One year from now, you’ll have the day of your life. Of course you’re overwhelmed. There are so many decisions to make.

The fact is, we’re bombarded with #trends and one of them is a clear obsession to picture every single detail of our lives. 

Makeup is no exception. It’s a whole new area to explore, but it’s different from other fashion fads. How so? 

Well, sometimes you don’t have to find inspiration elsewhere, you just know what suits you best and makes you-you, just a little bit upgraded. 

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Meaning, without blemishes and possibly matte. 

Except when you want that coveted dewy look. There is even a name for the look, #dewydumplings, created and promoted by Nam Vo. You look like you’ve been dipped in a honey glazing, light glaring from your perfectly blushed and highlighted cheekbones.

You don’t have to bang your head against the wall to foresee what kind of a trend there’ll be a time of your wedding, just browse major makeup houses’ websites and find their new color schemes. 

Then again, it would be nice if it’s coordinated with the general hues and colors across your venue, such as this wedding venue in Houston.

So, what do we suggest?

  1. Discover Your Wedding Theme First

It means to find the overall vibe you’re going to exhibit in all aspects of the day. 

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That will set the tone to other esthetic choices. Including the dress and the hairdo. Make-up is an easier part.

  1. Decide on Your MUA

Or don’t. It can be you, really, especially if you’ve already had trouble explaining your preferences to the make-up artist. It happens all the time. 

You do your make-up every day, you can do it for your special day as well…there are tons of tutorials online, it’s never been easier to look like a queen. 

One of my favorites is a Dutch MUA, Celine Bernearts, who ranges from a girl-next-door to a graphic master of face art. 

On the other hand, there is Lisa Eldrigde, who offers the most-detailed and classy tutorials on her YouTube channel, do check her out. 

Instagram is your friend, as long as you know what your face anatomy allows. 

By the way, there are so many cinematography awards throughout a year, so we are lucky to see all celebrity MUAs in action. Find your inspiration there. 

Here is the list of the most famous make-up artists, follow them across networks, but especially those who do the videos and tutorials.

  1. Get What You Need to DIY 

I’m not suggesting you should look for the most expensive products out there, but check what color palette is offered, what’s hot and what’s not, and how it fits your vision at the most luxurious fashion houses that sell make-up as well. 

Take Chanel, for example. You’ll see the shades and textures and whether it’s shimmer-and-shine or matte. 

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What better way for getting glam out of you than getting inspired by the fanciest visionaries in the world. 

The Looks

Now that you crossed the style’n’ vibe you’d want with the latest trends, you can decide among several, most sought-after wedding looks. 

I divided them into categories: 

  • A classic look, meaning wing-eyed with red lips
  • Glamorous and dramatic, i.e. gazillion smokey-eye & fake-eye-lashes versions with red lips, and glitter
  • A beach – bohemian- bronzed- ethereal-natural look- say hi to glowy, sun-kissed skin, copper and gold palette, natural brows, the less is more esthetic
  • A modern – matte- colorful look (any Instagram look tbh)
  • They say primer is the most important thing. I’d add, moisturizer as well. And Fixer spray at the end.

Whatever makes your diva pop!

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To finish off, I’d quote a Cosmopolitan article: “There are approximately one-billion things you could stress about before your wedding day—aka a day of big, monumental, life-changing moments. But one thing that shouldn’t bring you anxiety? Your wedding makeup. Because finding your day-of look shouldn’t be harder than finding your fiancé.”

Just remember: you’ll be photographed to death. Makeup looks heavier in person than in photos, so don’t go easy on that blush!

AuthorBio: James Barnes is an experienced wedding organizer and blogger at He specialized in organizing outdoor wedding events.When he isn’t writing about weddings and marital life, David usually goes swimming or playing squash.


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