Tips on How to Afford a Good Lifestyle While in College

According to a recent study by the market watch, nearly half of all college-going students couldn’t afford decent meals due to a lack of funds. Not only were they food insecure, but also house insecure. Further, the rising costs of tuition only intensified students’ plights.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean its all doom and gloom for college life, or you must live a spartan lifestyle. Contrary, with proper knowledge up-your sleeves, you can be able to afford a good lifestyle while in college. Here are some few suggestions to help you get started:

Make a Budget

Making a budget is one thing, but sticking to the same is a whole another level – it’s called discipline. Yes, budgeting might be boring for any college going student. Nevertheless, that’s the only way to determine how much income you have and track your spending habits. Then, you can fix your money problems from there.

Make a list of everything you need to pay for each month or semesters like rent, tuition, textbooks, and bundles, among others. Apart from the fixed stuff, you must spend money on, tracks your expenses, and cut back where you can. Ensure that you are living below your means – a lifestyle you can afford.

Also, cushion your future self by setting up a savings fund for a rainy day. Further, try and set aside fun money. Besides, you won’t be bundled up in your classes or dorm the whole day. The goal is to afford a good lifestyle with frugal spending – a budget will let you know what you can and can’t afford.

Find Free & Cheap Activities

Look for coupons ns and discounts targeting students, which can help you save a ton of money. If you want to have fun without making a dent into your budget, this is the best way to go. For instance, you will find that several restaurants near your campus offer discounted prices.

Affordable tickets for sports and cultural events for students are always bound to be available. After all, a student’s presence always publicizes these meetups. Not to forget the library membership, which can save you money on movies, magazines, and audiobooks? Need more tutorials on your assignment. Well, affordable tutors are willing to help.

Get a Job

Ge a job and have extra money to spend. Explore the gig economy. Work as a baby sitter, waiter for special events, or even share your skills as a freelance. For instance, if you are studying graphic design, start helping businesses with their graphics needs.

Yes, it will require you to balance your time. Besides, you got assignments and term papers to worry about and get done. However, if you are smart enough, you can use the money you’re making in your job to visit a homework site and get help from a competent tutor.

Therefore, you won’t fall behind in your grades as you chase that extra cash to sustain your college lifestyle. Plus, you can always get a tutor at any time, giving you the convenience to work at your job. Nevertheless, that’s not a substitute for classes, since you still need to meet attendance requirements to merit.

Team Up with Roommate

Sharing is caring, and there is no better way to afford a comfortable lifestyle while in college that teaming up with a fellow student. For instance, when you share an apartment with a fellow student, you save half the amount of rent you would have spent on rent if you were to live alone.

You save on food as you can cook in the apartment together, combine shopping lists, and save on groceries. Each roommate can prepare a different meal; thereby, you get to eat different meals and not the regular servings at the college dining hall. Plus, you get to afford healthy food compared to fast food they serve at the cafeteria.


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