Fitness at home for weight loss

Every girl wants to have a chic toned figure and the simplest and most affordable means for this can be called sports. But, unfortunately, not everyone has enough time to visit the gyms.

Such girls can be advised a way out – fitness at home for weight loss .

Most likely, you will first need a disk with a recording of exercises or a consultation with a fitness specialist who will help you choose the right set of exercises. For the main muscle groups, you can offer the following fitness options at home for weight loss.

For many women, the stomach is a problem area, therefore, during classes at home, it is imperative to include exercises to strengthen the press in your classes. Why do you need to lie on your back, bending your knees and relaxing them, straighten your arms in front of you. Stretching your arms and raising your back, you need to touch the chest and take the starting position. Repeat the exercise ten times. Another exercise for the press are the so-called “scissors”. The starting position should be taken on a flat surface, lie down and stretch your arms along the body. Next, you need to raise your legs to 45 degrees and, without lowering, cross them in turn and spread them apart. The exercise should be repeated ten times and after a minute of rest, repeat.

Fitness at home for weight loss necessarily includes exercises for the buttocks. Putting your legs wide and spreading your arms to the sides, you need to slowly perform thirty half-squats, straining the muscles of the buttocks. You can’t take your heels off the floor. Another exercise that will help strengthen the muscles of the buttocks is called the lunge. The right leg should be bent at the knee 90 degrees and put forward, hands should be kept on the belt. Keeping your back straight, you need to do 10 springy squats, then change the supporting leg and repeat squats.

Doing fitness at home for weight loss, you need to take care of your back. Lying on your stomach and stretching your arms forward, along with a deep breath, you should raise your torso and stretch your arms forward and up, counting to five. Perform the exercise 10 times. Another exercise for the back will require you to kneel down and rest your hands on the floor. At the same time, you need to pull the left leg as far back as possible, and the right arm forward. After counting to ten, return to the starting position, change the supporting leg and arm and repeat.

When exercising at home, you need to evenly distribute the load so that the body does not look tired. After the body gets used to the loads, gradually the number of exercises performed can be increased. Be sure to drink from 0.5 to one liter of water during the exercise. Classes must be regular, otherwise the desired result will not be achieved.


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