7+ Practical Tips To Create Workout Videos For Your Fitness

Fitness and workout-related content are always on demand. Especially after the pandemic slowdown, as the world adapts to new social-distancing measures, more people choose to exercise from their homes. The competition between fitness programs has been high. According to a recent survey, almost 16 percent of adults in the United States had taken to using more online exercise videos.

If you sell a fitness program, keep reading this article because we’ll share 7+ practical tips to create workout videos to attract new customers.

Planning the shoot is great because it saves you a lot of time and hassle for the shooting day.

Your planning can be divided into three steps

Ideation: Ideation is simply about brainstorming good ideas or themes for video. To come across ideas that your viewers might like, you can ask these questions.

  • What is the pain/point you are addressing?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Who are the actors in your videos?

These questions can also help determine what content you need to create. For example, if you find your audience are young teens who want to build muscles without heavy lifting, then ‘no equipment workout routines will be better suited for your content.

Key shots: Storyboarding is simply the process of taking your idea and transforming it into actual key shots that you can physically shoot. It helps in planning and visualizing an image if you are shooting outside before shooting and saves a lot of time during the shoot because you’re well prepared.

Capturing: Since you’re shooting a workout video you don’t need a lot of expensive equipment like DSLRs, all you need to focus on is a good tripod for stable shots and lightning equipment.

  • Choose the right workout

Remember, not all workouts will create an equal impression on your customer’s mind. Some exercises are more manageable to film than others. Spend some time to figure out the different types of workouts and choose the one that fits your video’s intent well.

  • Avoid bad lighting

A common mistake beginners make while shooting a fitness video is keeping the video’s lighting dim. Dim videos create an Impression of non-professionalism in the viewers’ minds. Here are some things you can do to keep your lighting in check to avoid this and other lightning pitfalls.

Be aware of fluorescent lighting or high-frequency lighting because it causes a flickering effect in videos. Fluorescent lighting is standard in most gyms, and it can quickly ruin your entire shoot. You may have to consider extra lighting to ensure there aren’t imagery concerns after shooting the whole clip.

If you are shooting outdoors, avoid any place with high intensity of sunlight as it will create discolored videos. Avoid shooting in mid-sun to eliminate super shiny videos. Choose early mornings or evenings if you are shooting outdoors.

The general rule is to keep everything visible and maintain a proper balance of lights. I.e., not too shiny nor too dull.

  • Choose the right audio setup

If you’re recording from a phone or a camera, the audio quality is usually low, and you will have to edit the audio during the editing process extensively. For high-quality audio, you can either use shotgun mics ( which can also be attached to a camera) or a lavalier connected to your chest under clothing. Lavalier mics are extremely sensitive to sounds. They can pick the sounds of the rub of fabrics, hair, and every slightest movement. Hence a shotgun mic is a good option for recording audio while working out.

Once you have recorded the audio, make sure to filter out background sounds. Be careful while editing the video, as viewers can abandon watching content when the audio is out of sync with videos, garbled, unclear, or faint.

  • Add a touch of branding to your content

Branding doesn’t have to be fancy designs or a complex mix-and-match process. It just needs to reflect your authentic personality, which you can achieve through your speech, tone, voice, attitude, and video elements.

59% of consumers say that if a brand is authentic, it influences their customers’ purchase decisions. You can start by adding a logo to your video to apply the branding element. You can add a logo during the editing process, and you can use a video editor for editing purposes. Branding helps authenticity and helps you stand out from the innumerable fitness-related content out there.

  • Gear

When it comes to editing workout videos, choosing inappropriate gear is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Don’t make hasty decisions while choosing gears like camera gear, lens, tripod, etc. This rush will only damage the quality of your final product. It would be best to experiment with different equipment before creating your video to get the best results. 

Prepare a short checklist of all the gears you will need before the shoot, and pass through the checklist.

When it comes to choosing gear, know the location beforehand. For example, you might not need lighting if you are shooting outside. Such pre-planned efforts can help make an appropriate choice when choosing gear.

  • Length of the video

Many fitness video makers make the mistake of shooting extremely lengthy videos. A long video can lose viewers’ attention halfway through. On the other hand, if you keep the video short, you may miss providing the necessary information. 

So what is the ideal length when making a workout video?

You can only determine the proper length based on how long it takes to accomplish the workout you’ve chosen. Be sure not to leave any necessary details in your video since you do not want to create a video void of important information.

  • Picking the right spot for work-out

Many trainers don’t have access to a gym to film videos. In that case, you have to film in available locations like living room, terrace, garage, home gym. However, locations aren’t much of a concern. All you need to care about is people who work out from their homes can follow along.

In the case of an at-home workout and most of your clients having some space and minimal equipment, you should do the same thing. Choose a room in your home or garage. Before the start of the workout video informs your viewers what types of equipment and space requirements will be needed.


Creating fitness videos can be enjoyable if you take care of the planning and shooting process. We hope the 7+ tips provided can help you create stunning workout videos that will help you stand out from approximately 180 million fitness videos on Instagram.

To recap, here are seven tips that help you create fantastic fitness videos. 

  • Pre-plan shots. 
  • Choose the right gear.
  • Balance lighting.
  • Right audio equipment.
  • Branding.
  • Right location
  • Video length.

Now, with these 7+ practical tips to create workout videos for your fitness routine, go and create amazing videos.


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