Tips to start running from scratch

Do you want to join the running fever but you don’t know how? If you have already decided that you want to start running from scratch and you are aware that it is difficult to start running at first, take good note of these tips for beginners.

If you are going to start running, the important thing is to put a little perseverance and desire to improve so that after a few weeks you can run for at least 30 minutes and start noticing the results, because this sport is great for losing weight and shape your figure

8 tips to start running from scratch

1. Start running really slowly, your jog should be very smooth and light , without exerting too much force in your footsteps, although perhaps the best advice is to go from less to more. Don’t chew on a sprint that leaves you breathless. The ideal is to increase the intensity, especially in terms of duration . The speed of the jog should not worry you, go at a pace that does not exhaust you, especially if you have never done sports.

2. You must go for a run at least 3 times a week , otherwise you will not get your body used to running a 30-minute session. It’s not worth trying to run every day at first, because you’ll probably need a bit of a break and you might feel sore.

3. The first few days you should alternate running with walking , essential if you start from scratch. In order to be a runner you will have to be realistic and accept that the path is to alternate jogging with a light step. If you intend to run non-stop for more than 5 minutes, it is likely that you will be injured or demotivated as it is an impossible challenge. Do not take advantage of the time to walk to be lazy.

4. There are many ways to intersperse jogging and walking. You can start by running for one minute and then walking for two minutes . You must repeat this routine several times, start with 5 sessions and repeat it more times if you can.

5. In a few days you will be able to increase the time you run , for example from one minute to two, and it is also important to reduce the time you walk. The important thing is that over the weeks you increase gradually and planned the time of your running sessions until you reach 30 minutes, which you can easily take 10 weeks, especially if you are not in shape. If you have played other sports and have good genetics, it will probably take less time.

6. Before starting your running session it is important to warm up your muscles , you can do this by walking for 5 minutes, and after training it is also essential to stretch.

7. Stay well hydrated! Before going for a run drink water , also while running you can drink water and of course at the end.

8. Is it really important to wear running shoesIt is not posture , it is really essential to have the right running shoes, because you will feel more comfortable and they will protect you from injuries.


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