Walking to lose weight works if you follow these rules

Going for a walk to lose weight seems like a perfect plan for enemies of the gym and exercise tables. But  walking really does help you lose weight . If you have doubts about it, the answer is very simple. Remember that any sport helps to lose the extra kilos, but it is not worth going for a walk stopping at each shop window or walking in good company chatting nonstop.

Walking to lose weight works if you follow these rules

  1. Take it seriously , organize a routine and set some goals. Decide which days you are going to go for a walk, for how long and how you are going to increase the intensity. Do not leave it to chance or in the hands of your laziness.
  2. But make it fun , be constant when you go for a walk and really follow some tips should not make this sport more boring. Design pleasant routes, choose the best company, wear comfortable and beautiful clothes, make a good list of songs on your iPad… Try to enjoy yourself!
  3. Analyze your way of walking, it is important that when you walk you support the whole foot, leaving it stretched and starting with the heel, your toes should give you momentum. Maintain an upright posture with the chin neither high nor low and the arms should be relaxed.
  4. Important, you must walk at an intense pace , you can start walking at a normal pace as a warm-up and then start to increase the pace of your steps. You can alternate different intensities, it is not a problem, as long as you are not walking slowly.
  5. Don’t stop! Remember that it is about losing weight and burning calories and for that to happen you must at least walk for 30 minutes in a row .
  6. You must walk at least 4 days a week , to notice the results it is important to go for a walk several times a week, although the ideal would be to do it every day and in sessions of at least 30 minutes.
  7. Get the right shoes for intense walking, those sneakers you have to go to the gym or do aerobics can help you. Ideally, it should be a shoe with a flexible sole and higher in the heel than in the toe.
  8. A mobile app to count your steps can be a great way to monitor your gait. A heart rate monitor can also help you make your walks of moderate intensity, remember that it is key to raise your pulse a little and feel that you are doing an intense exercise.
  9. No soft drinks and sweets during your walks, nor after. If you need it, take water to hydrate yourself, also when you finish you should drink water. If you want to lose weight, you must eliminate bad habits that help you gain weight, such as foods rich in sugar and fat.
  10. To lose weight, you not only have to do sports, you also have to eat healthy and light meals. So combine your walks with a healthy and balanced diet .


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