Create Intense Sparkle on Your Special Day with Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

Your engagement ring setting plays an important role in the design of your ring. The ring setting selection depends on individual preferences and your personal style. Each ring setting style is designed to improve the beauty of the center stone. 

Some ring settings offer unique styling with minimal maintenance. While certain ring settings with complex designs require proper care and maintenance. Once you select your ring setting, the stone that best complements the ring setting needs to be selected. With each ring setting consisting of unique brilliance, the halo engagement ring setting is loved by many for its exceptional brilliance. 

In addition, this sort of setting can be used for all types of faceted stones. It assures that the stone gets the right height, properly placed, straight, centred, and secure. For bigger stones that need extra security and support, a double halo ring setting is used.

Timeless Style

Halo ring designs are considered as one of the best choices for engagement rings. Halo ring settings are designed with a centre stone surrounded by small diamonds. This makes the centre stone appear larger and more brilliant. Halo ring setting offers classic style and sparkles in every way. If you want to buy large size diamond ring, then try a Halo ring setting with the diamond stone of your choice. Halo ring setting is available at affordable price, and the most favourite amongst the couples today.

Halo ring setting is perfect for your diamond band.

The more diamonds, the better look. Many women want their engagement ring to sparkle from all the angles. A pave or channel set diamond band offers this feature. Although a pave diamond wedding band design looks great with a solitaire setting, it looks perfect with a classic halo setting. A diamond band and a halo setting looks amazing. They are uniquely made for each other.

Split shanks, wide bands and three-row bands look perfect with a halo setting style

Wide bands, split shanks, and three-row bands look great with a halo setting. It creates a proportional look, and even more when these wide bands have diamonds. 

As with beautiful diamond bands, split shanks, wide bands and three-row bands are more popular than ever, which in turn leads to superb engagement ring designs with halo settings. 

Halo settings offer more color choices

Colors are important component of any jewelry design. Coloring and contrasts make pieces unique, and they make them stand out. Even a soft touch of color can make all the difference. There is no perfect setting than a halo ring setting when it comes to playing with different coloring options and contrasts. 

With halo ring settings, jewelry makers have numerous choices. For example, they can use gemstones like sapphires or fancy color diamonds; or they can use a precious metal for the prongs of the halo; or they can use a different diamond cut like a step-cut diamond ring. All of these components will make your engagement ring highly distinctive. 

Highly versatile

Halo ring settings are highly versatile. Although some diamond shapes look better with solitaire ring settings and some with halo ring settings, any diamond shape can go with the halo setting. This versatility only improves the prevalence of the halo engagement ring designs. 

Halo ring settings are cost-effective

Halo engagement rings are cost-effective. This is because smaller diamonds are far less expensive than larger diamonds, even if the total carat weight is equal. This all due to the reason larger diamonds are rare. So, they cost more. 

Halo settings offer exceptional sparkle

Halo engagement rings offer unique shine. The numerous small diamonds present in the halo design reflect light back into the centerstone, offering extra sparkle. You truly can’t go wrong no matter which halo engagement ring design you choose.

The classic halo design — a center stone surrounded by smaller diamonds can make even the smallest carat diamond look large. If you have a large stone, a halo ring setting can make it look like a headlight.

You can buy a matching wedding band that can be paired with your halo engagement ring design. Because a halo engagement ring has a circular shape and a head that can protrude out further than a simple engagement ring, it is important to pair with a wedding band that is designed according to the measurements of the halo ring.

Final Thoughts

There is more to a halo engagement ring than a trend. The halo ring setting is the right complement to Princess, Oval, Asscher, and Round stones. You can make your engagement ring unique in design by mixing metals or using different gemstone shapes and colors. Shine bright with the halo diamond engagement ring designs.


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