Why is Wholesale 925 Jewelry So Famous?

Quick research into the various kinds of silver always yields one peculiar result: there seems to exist an unprecedented dominance of the .925 grade compared to the others. Read on to find out a few reasons why this is so.

Silver is gradually emerging as a popular option for use across many industries with a diverse multitude of use cases. In this article however, we are going to discuss its application in the field of jewelry manufacture. According to recent statistics, the only metal utilized as much as silver for jewelry is brass. 

Silver is choice for jewelry manufacture for a multitude of reasons. It is easy to mine and therefore cheap to refine and buy (in the case of the end user). Not in the sense that it is something that has little value, saying that the metal is cheap only means that compared to other metals (like gold) and precious stones (like diamonds, pearls, and emeralds), silver is more affordable and easier on the pocket. At a current market price of below $30 an ounce (compared to more than $1350 for gold), silver is cheaper to mine, refine, and therefore, purchase. This means that you don’t have to worry about the salability of your goods as pretty much any financially buoyant individual will be able to afford to purchase your product.

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Also, most kinds of silver can withstand pressure that comes with molding them into the desired shapes required for the jewelry pieces. Other advantages that silver possesses (in varying degrees according to grade) is that the metal is relatively durable and can last longer than expected (especially considering its price). 

When considering whether or not to enter into the wholesale silver jewelry business, it is very important to understand the different ways in which silver comes. The different nuances, advantages, and disadvantages that come with each grade and purity level allows for different use cases.

To begin with, we have 999 grade silver. This means that the material is 99.9% pure silver alongside trace quantities of other metals. This is the purest form of silver available on the planet and it has many advantages as well as disadvantages. This kind is more colloquially known as fine silver. It is described as having a more “vitreous luster” than the bright polish of sterling. It appears grayer and slightly dull compared to the other kinds. This type of silver is quite soft and will easily scratch, dent and change shape. For that reason, it is less common in jewelry because items will not adequately stand the test of time. On the flip side, there are a few advantages to 999 grade silver. It is very easy to shape and form, it is resistant to tarnish, and fuses without solder. In terms of application, 999 silver is perhaps best used with jewelry that aren’t typically exposed to intense wear and tear (ie necklaces and earrings).

Secondly, we have 950 silver. As the name implies, this kind consists of 95% silver and 5% trace metals (usually copper). This kind isn’t as pure as fine silver and doesn’t have its degree of workability. But, it does have a few advantages that make it worth considering. First, it serves as a middle ground between the 999 grade and the 925 grade. This means that is accommodates the shortcomings of the two, as well as some of their advantages. Despite this however, 950 silver isn’t nearly as popular as the next item on this rundown.

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Lastly, we have 925 silver. This is the most commonly used grade of silver for jewelry applications. Commonly known as sterling silver, this grade consists of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper and other trace minerals. If you ask most people with jewelry experience for advice regarding the best kind of silver, the majority of them would steer you towards wholesale 925 silver jewelry. We will first discuss a few of its advantages and then talk about some of its disadvantages. For starters, 925 silver is very well known for possessing the signature sheen and vibrancy associated with good quality mainstream silver jewelry. This is because of the fact that it is infused with copper and together, the resulting alloy is much shinier and alluring. Secondly, 925 is the most durable kind of silver for jewelry. 999 silver is notorious for being brittle and unable to hold its form after rigorous use, but 925 silver on the other hand can maintain its form without breaking or denting for years. This also means that the metal is versatile and can be applied to a multitude of jewelry use cases including rings, necklaces, bangles, bracelets, earrings, chains, charms, etc. These are the reasons why 925 sterling silver is so highly sought after and why it is perhaps the most popular king of silver jewelry out there in the market. It has its own downsides however. Sterling silver is notoriously difficult to work on and as well is very susceptible to tarnish over time. As such, a greater deal of attention needs to be given to cleaning the fascia of the jewelry items.

In the market for large scale silver, wholesale 925 silver jewelry ranks as one of the most traded items.  People can’t seem to get enough of sterling silver jewelry and this shows in the sheer size of the demand for these items. Be it as charms, bracelets, or rings, sterling silver is the prized jewel of the silver family.


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