6 Tips for Healthy Teeth and Gums

Protecting your oral health is important not just to maintain a beautiful smile, but also to maintain the function of your teeth and your overall health. Protecting your oral health is mainly about adopting good habits. It’s never too late to take control of your oral health. If you’re wondering how to keep healthy teeth, read on. We offer you the best tips to maintain healthy teeth and gums. These tips are easy. You can begin applying them right away.

How to Keep Healthy Teeth

Avoid Sugary Foods and Drinks

Sugary foods are the biggest enemy to teeth. The sugar in these foods feed bacteria that form plaque on the teeth. This is the rough or fuzzy film that forms on the teeth. If you continue to indulge in sugar-rich foods, your teeth will eventually have cavities. Avoid sugary foods. You should also avoid foods and drinks with hidden sugar such as sports drinks.

Brush Teeth Twice a Day

We recommend brushing your teeth at least twice a day. Use a toothpaste with fluoride as this will help to strengthen your teeth and prevent the formation of cavities. You should use a soft bristled brush and brush for at least two minutes. Take the time to ensure that all your teeth are cleaned thoroughly to avoid the buildup of plaque.

Floss Teeth Once a Day

While brushing your teeth will help to get rid of plaque on the surface of your teeth, your toothbrush cannot clean plaque that has formed between the teeth. It may also not remove all food debris that collects between the teeth. Flossing once a day will help to clean between the teeth. It will help to prevent cavities from forming between the teeth.

Use Mouth Rinse Once a Day

Using a mouth rinse isn’t just great for good breath. It is also important for strengthening your teeth’s enamel. A mouth rinse will get rid of plaque and food particles that could have been left behind after flossing and brushing your teeth. It also helps to kill bacteria that form plaque and cause cavities. It is a great way of restoring balance in your mouth. You can ask your dentist to recommend a good brand of mouth rinse for you.

Avoid Smoking, Chewing Tobacco & Alcohol

Smoking is a terrible lifestyle habit. Smoking not only causes harm to your lungs but also to your teeth and mouth. Regular smoking can result in tooth discoloration and the buildup of plaque or tartar. Smoking also makes you more susceptible to oral health problems such as gum disease, tooth cavities and oral cancer. This habit will reduce your ability to heal from oral injuries.

Chewing tobacco and drinking alcohol can be just as detrimental to your oral health as smoking. Alcohol causes your mouth to become dry. This allows for bacteria to flourish. Alcohol is also acidic and sugary. It can cause tooth decay and tooth loss. Both chewing tobacco and consuming alcohol put you at risk of developing oral cancer. Kicking these lifestyle habits is important for good teeth.

See Your Dentist At Least Twice a Year

You should visit a dentist for an oral examination every 6 months. If you’re searching for the best dentist in Sammamish, visit Kelley Fisher, DDS for a comprehensive oral examination and teeth cleaning. A cleaning will help to get rid of plaque and tartar that is difficult to remove through regular brushing. We’ll help you reduce the risk of gum disease and tooth decay.

Use the tips for teeth above to help maintain healthy teeth. Contact our dental clinic to schedule an appointment for a consultation with our dentist.


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