7 Sizzling Summer Makeup Trends that you cannot Miss

The nip in the air has finally made way to hot breeze and merciless sun rays shining down on you. Yes! It’s summer time, yet again. It is time to rethink your makeup trends and opt for styles that would help you stay cool as well as presentable.

Like every year, the beauty gurus have come up with some very sizzling ideas for this summer too. Whether you are open to experimenting with new styles and outrageous colors or one who prefers the time tested looks, you will find trends that would work just fine for you. Take a look at some sizzling makeup trends this summer.

Sizzling Summer Makeup Trends that you cannot Miss

The No Makeup Look

This is one look that can never go wrong, no matter what the season. However, for summers, you can definitely give it a little twist. Since, summer is all about sun and heat, a bronzed look would definitely work for the hot day time makeup. In order to attain this look, you can use a bronzer or a foundation that is a tad darker than your skin tone. Add in a touch of glow by using some peach blush for your cheeks. You can also opt for the translucent look that is also a recommended trend this season. For this, all you need is a foundation that is identical to your skin tone and a touch of nude gloss or lipstick for your lips.

Colored Eyebrows

If you really like to make heads turn with your makeup, then you should surely try the colored eyebrow trend that has been in vogue ever since it was seen on the models, who strutted around the catwalk to showcase the Spring/Summer collection. From pastels to blue and even metallic, you can experiment with any shade that comes to your mind. If you have pierced eyebrows, then this look will definitely add to it and give you a very trendy and cool appearance.

Catty Eyes

Enough of the cat eyed sun glasses and spectacles. Go ahead and don the cat eye look with your eye makeup products this summer. Line your eyes as usual with an eye liner and then end it in an upward swoop along the sides. This style would look perfect in all shades. If you are not too keen on deterring from the time tested colors, then opt for black or brown. However, you can go ahead and experiment with any color from blues to reds, metallic to purple.

Eyes Go Blue

A perfect eye makeup can make or break your look. So, there is no way you are going to step out without putting on some eyeliner and eye shadow. Though the traditional blacks and browns have been around for long and will continue to do so, the shade for the eyes for the hot summer months is blue. Associated with being a cool color, go ahead and color your eyes with blue eyeliner and blue eye shadow.


Flaming red lips can never go out of fashion. It has been donned by models, actresses and divas since time immemorial. So, the trend continues this summer too. Color your lips with red lipstick. Pick a matte finish for the day and opt for a glossy one for night. Choose from the wide range of red shades on display. Be it cherry red or scarlet, you can’t go wrong with the shade.

Lips Painted Bright

Looking for some really cool colors to paint your lips in? Well, fashion gurus recommend that bright shades of pink, pastels and orange are surely the in thing this summer. So, opt for glosses and lipsticks of these shades. These are bright and will give you a cool look.

Sparkle in Glitters

If you thought that glitter in makeup is only for teens, think again. With the glittery makeup doing the rounds of the Summer/Spring collection, the glitters are here to dazzle everyone. Use these on your eyebrows, eyelids, nail polishes, cheeks and lips and add a sparkle to your hot looks.

Smokey eyes and berry lips also seem to be in vogue for the sweltering summer months. So, now that you know what the makeup trends are this summer, go ahead and try these out and sizzle!!


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