Foaming Cleanser: Why to Use One?

Almost everyone has something they use for skin care. Whether that be lotion, moisturizer, serums, or cleaners everyone has a unique skin care routine. For cleansers more specifically there are many kinds and different formulas. A foaming cleanser is perhaps one of the best. With a foaming cleanser, you get a much cleaner result with much less product. Not only is it more cost-effective to use a foaming cleanser but it also does a lot better job at lifting grime off your skin. By elevating the dirt off the skin, it allows the particles to be easily washed away. Below are some reasons why you should use a foaming cleanser.

Cost efficient

Foaming products often go a long way. With the majority of the product you pump you are adding a lot of air from your surroundings. This means you are using a lot less actual product from each pump you take. It is not uncommon for you to use a bottle of foaming product twice as long as a standard product.

Cleaning power

If you have gone through a car wash you will probably have noticed that the soap, they often use on cars is in the form of a foam. The reasoning behind using foam over normal soap is that a foam is able to more effectively clean the surface. It does this by slowly working the grime off the surface and suspends it where it is easily rinsed away. In some cases, the foam is so effective you can have a no touch wash for vehicles where just the foam is able to completely clean a vehicle. The same thing goes for facial cleanser. The dirt and deposits on the skins surface are easily and efficiently remover through the use of the foaming cleaner.

Gentle on skin

In addition to being a very efficient form of cleaning a surface foam also adds the benefit of being one of the most gentle forms of cleaning a surface you can get. When using a foaming cleaner, you are allowing the bubbles of product lift debris from the skins surface and hold it away from the skins surface. This action ensures the debris is less likely to scratch the skin as you attempt to remove it or rinse it away. This is a great alternative if you have very sensitive skin where disturbing it with a more aggressive cleaning methods like a washcloth and exfoliants would cause discomfort. The air in the product also makes it where your skin receives an even coat of the product rather than having very saturated areas and unsaturated areas with product.

Easier application

Application of skin care products can vary greatly. For the most part the denser and thicker a product is the harder it is to spread over a larger surface area. This results in uneven coverage which could result in some areas not being treated With foaming cleansers, they are often times one of the easiest products to apply. Because the foam has such a low density it is much easier to get a nice and even spread of the cleanser without it building up in some spots.

Overall everyone’s skin care routine is different but no matter what your regimen is it is a good idea to consider looking into foaming cleansers. With them being more cost efficient, more effective than standard cleansers, and gentler on the skin it is hard to argue against getting a foaming cleanser. Allow your skin to shine and glow by using a foaming cleanser. Not only will your skin thank you but your wallet will thank you too for spending less of you hard earned money.


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