Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy

As many of you know, the hair on your head is very important. Everyone loves a thick, full mane that shines bright and looks healthy. Sometimes it is difficult to maintain the health and thickness of your hair, especially if you do not have the money to spend on expensive products. Below you will find the necessary tips to keep your hair happy and healthy without having to spend unnecessary money at the salons on products and services.

Use Low Level Light Therapy

Low level light therapy is being heavily utilized in the hair industry today. This therapy helps treat problematic areas on the scalp that experience balding or thinning of the hair. Keep in mind that you do not necessarily need to be bald or have thinning hair to use the products that have this technology. They are also used for individuals that are looking to make their hair thicker and fuller. These devices are called laser caps. They are FDA-cleared and clinically proven to improve the growth of hair on the scalps of men and women.

Scalp Massages

When done properly, scalp massages are a great way to increase the blood circulation throughout the scalp and to your hair follicles. This process helps lower stress, while at the same time moisturizes the scalp and boosts the strength and thickness of your hair. Our scalp can be a graveyard for dead skin and product buildup so in-salon treatments are a good way to look after your scalp while also keeping it healthy. 

These treatments are extremely relaxing, and they often come in several stages. The 3 stages of scalp massages typically include exfoliation, cleansing, and moisturizing. Many of these salons also use a brush that is specially looped in order to help remove dead skin and other products that have been building up over time. 

Avoid Using Heat

For many women, using heat to dry and style hair is sometimes part of an everyday routine. Even men tend to use heat on their hair several times per week. Avoid using a hair dryer every morning in order to dry your hair. From there, also stray away from using a curling or straightening iron to style your hair for the day.

The hair strands on the head lock in moisture to keep themselves healthy. An over usage of heat will eventually strip away all of the moisture from the hair strands leaving them dry and brittle. This is not good for the health of your hair and you will quickly notice the difference because of how “fried” the ends look.

Be Aware of Ingredients in Shampoo and Conditioner

Although there are several different brands and options of shampoo and conditioner, make sure you are aware of the ingredients in each. Do not purchase these products if they contain harmful chemicals such as sulfates and parabens. These chemicals will kill your hair.

Depending on the property of your hair, it can be fairly simple to pick out a kind of shampoo and conditioner that will be perfect for you. Consult with a beautician so that you can have a couple of options. For example, if you have hair that is drier and easily breaks off on the ends, try using a shampoo and conditioner that are made specifically for those type of hair properties. Usually the shampoo and conditioner designed specifically for dry hair are creamier and thicker, providing that extra moisture for your hair to thrive.

Use Peppermint Essential Oil

Essential oils have been known for many years for their medicinal and cosmetic properties. You can find essential oils at many stores today, and they have many positive purposes that they serve for the human body. Peppermint in particular is an essential oil that does wonders for the hair.

This oil has stimulating properties to help give your hair a boost. You may feel if you use peppermint on your scalp that you get a stinging sensation. This is the peppermint working its magic to increase the circulation in the scalp. You can either lightly massage the oil into your scalp with your fingers and follow with rinsing it out with water and shampoo after several minutes. Or, you can add a few drops to your shampoo and use it in your hair washing regimen in the shower.

Consume Protein

Since your hair is made up of protein, it only makes sense that you consume enough of this nutrient to supply for your overall health and hair. Protein can be found in foods such as meats, fish, vegetables, nuts, eggs, and more. Incorporating these foods into your everyday diet is extremely important to keep both your body and hair healthy. 


These are just a few tips to keep your hair happy and healthy. They are simple to achieve and do not require an immense amount of money or effort. If you are able to follow these tips on a weekly basis, your hair will see a great amount of improvement. 


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