Italian Fashions from an Ocean Away: The Beauty of Fashion Platform Baltini

If you’re a fashion lover, the past few months have likely been hard for you. Thanks to COVID-19, the  fashion industry is on terribly shaky ground; retail stores have forced to shut their doors, and experts believe that clothing sales in the US alone will shrink 50 percent this year. 

Additionally, tourism-based shopping is struggling in the wake of this global pandemic. International travel is down some 96 percent this year – and if you’re an American, many countries aren’t letting you visit them even if you wanted to. 

What does this all add up to? For fashionistas, one big problem: a summer with almost no shopping.

Of course, ladies really looking for their fashion fix can shop online, but what about those of us who want to exclusively wear high-end apparel? Luckily, one company in New York City just might have the answer to your fashion drought. And that’s not all – their business model might be a glimpse into the future of fashion. 

The Ideal Blend of Fashion and Ecommerce

NY-based Baltini was founded by Vincent Moiras and Josh Leonardi, two men who shared one vision of combining fashion and technology. Their platform is a bit like Amazon for the luxury fashion scene: the company has partnered with high-end brands and boutiques, who list their inventory on Baltini for anyone to purchase from their homes.

Currently, Baltini is focused on bringing Italian fashion to their platform. The company offers over 5,000 luxury items from stores across the country – and their selection includes everything from couture gowns to streetwear basics. No matter who you’re into (Fendi, Nodaleto, Stella McCartney, Versace), you’re sure to find the perfect piece for your wardrobe. 

Shopping with Baltini is a unique experience. The site is packed full of products from over 100 designers (the women’s selection is over 600 pages long!), making the site a veritable one-stop shop for all your fashion needs. Once you find something you love, just stick it in your bag like you would any other online purchase. In no time at all, that luxury item will be at your doorstep!

Making Couture Available for All

The fashion industry has long banked on its aspirational nature. Clothing is expensive, and high-end clothing is even more so. However, Baltini is looking to change all that, but offering steep discounts that make even the most exclusive designers accessible to the masses. 

Items on Baltini are priced at an extreme discount – 35 percent off on average, but sale items can get as high as 60 percent. Baltini’s partnerships with these brands allows for these great prices, which in turn allows a larger group of shoppers to enjoy their inventory. But that’s not the only way Baltini makes their luxury fashion available to everyone. The company has also partnered with Swedish bank Klarna to offer financing options. Buyers can pay for their items in monthly installments, making this gorgeous apparel even more accessible to the wider market. 

100% Authentic

We know what you’re thinking: This has to be too good to be true. Admittedly, a company like Baltini may seem too good to be the real deal – high-end fashion at incredible discounts, shipped right to your door – but Baltini is ready to put their money where their mouth is. Every item on their platform is held to a high standard of quality, guarantying that anything you buy is well-made, in great condition, and 100% authentic. 

In addition to their high quality standard, the Baltini team inspects every item they sell onsite before they ship it to the customer. This ensures that your items are just as lovely as they looked online. And if your item turns out to be a knockoff? Baltini offers a money back guarantee! With these assurances on your side, you can shop with confidence.

Baltinis model is unique for the world of high-end fashion. The discounts, the warehouse-style ecommerce site, the financing options – they’re all designed to introduce luxury goods to a wider audience. And as this COVID-19 crisis drags on, the company just might help other fashion brands navigate this unprecedented time. By opening up the market and allowing anyone to buy their clothing (no matter their location or their income), our favorite brands just might weather the COVID storm. 


Article by Sophie Sullivan.


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