6 Creative Ideas for Activities during Quarantine

Since we’re all in quarantine, you won’t hear kids say, “Help me do my homework.” However, they’ll be in your space a lot because nobody is going anywhere. This is a golden opportunity to spend quality time with your children. Especially if you’re a parent with a busy work schedule. You can listen to all their complaints and answer all the questions they ask. 

If you don’t have children, you might take up self-care routines to make sure you give your body, mind, and soul enough attention. This quarantine period doesn’t have to be such a bad thing. It is an opportunity for people to take a break from their busy lives and to stay safe until the virus dies off. 

Whether you’re in quarantine alone or with family, there are so many activities you can take up to keep yourself busy. Aside from working from home, you should find safe ways to entertain yourselves indoors. 

Use the internet to find family-friendly games you can play with the kids. Something as simple as baking a cake in the morning will help you get rid of the boredom. 

Here are 6 creative ideas for activities you can take part in during quarantine. 

Do you have puzzles in your basement that you never got time to solve? If you do, then you should go get them and solve them together with everyone around. This is a welcome challenge during this time because it will get your mind to work. Sitting around all day, doing nothing is no good. 

If you don’t have hardcopy puzzles, you can get some online and work on them using a tablet or a smartphone.  You could get the same puzzle for everyone and compete to see who finished their first.

  • Start a Journal 

Journaling when you’re quarantined is an excellent idea to process your thoughts and feelings. It’s also a good way to engage other people in the comment section. People can share their experiences, and you can learn new coping mechanisms from them.

Instead of journaling on a new blog, you should use your social media platforms. Here you already have a following, so you’ll have more people to interact with. 

  • Play an Instrument 

This quarantine period is an opportunity for you to go back to the things you’re passionate about, but never get the time to do. If you play any instrument, be it a guitar, violin, or the piano, you can dust it and play it.

Music is an excellent way to encourage each other during such tough times. Social media allows you to share your music with the rest of the world through live videos. 

  • Write Poetry 

If you’re not much of a musician, but you’re good with words, you should write poetry. Let your creativity guide you and share what you write with the world. No matter how short your poems might be, you never know how many people will read them and feel hopeful for tomorrow. 

Since we’re all in this together, it’s good to use whatever we have to show solidarity with the people who’re fighting the Corona Virus.

  • Learn a New Language 

There are so many applications you can use to learn a new language in the comfort of your home. Since the whole world is quarantined, you’ll get to interact with more people on language forums and expedite your learning process. 

You can make it a challenge in your house so that you all learn a new language together. Learning as a group is both fun and interactive. As you know, interactive learning ensures that you master new languages faster.

  • Read a Book 

You could read a hardcopy or a softcopy book during this time. All you need is a quiet corner in the house to do so. You can read one or two chapters a day. This way, you get time for other activities. 

Reading is quite nourishing, and you get to explore a whole new world for a couple of hours. You can find websites that review books, so you get something that interests you.


Staying at home all day is not all that bad if you have activities to keep you occupied. Ensure that you make time for yourself and your family during this time. Remember not to push yourself hard because it’s not a competition for who will be most productive. Do what works for you and stay safe. 


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