Colorbar Nail Lacquer Collection: Winner Of Nykaa Femina Beauty Awards 2020


Winters are almost over! Embrace what’s trending and add more adventurous tints when lacquering up. Keep it classic with bolds or maybe you could adopt a metallic update that’s a real headliner. What’s your pick?#LoveColorbar #ThisOrThat #NailLacquers #SolidsVsMetallics

Posted by Colorbar on Saturday, February 15, 2020

We are super proud to announce that Colorbar most coveted nail lacquer collection has been adjudged the best nail polish collection by Nykaa Femina Beauty Awards 2020. 

Nykaa has been doing great work in beauty and wellness, and it makes us swell up with pride to have been nominated by them, and crowned winner for our nail lacquer collection. 

Our collection features a mind-boggling 1001 shades, each crafted to perfection and made chip-resistant and non-yellowing.  

At Colorbar, we recognize and respect diversity. We know there’s a different colour for every mood, every occasion, every moment and every skin tone.

We want you to paint your rainbows with our nail lacquer collection, so here is a guide on the most popping VIBGYOR shades in our collection.

Paint Your Nails with Your Own Rainbow Shades – V I B G Y O R    

Diversity comes in many shapes, sizes and colours. With our collection, you can find all the shades that you could imagine. 

For all those who love the colours of the rainbow, here are some of the most popular shades that can brighten up your day. Pick your own.



A bold, beautiful and beguiling colour, violet is often a trendy choice when it comes to nail paint.

  • Lilac Pony – Channel your soft inner vibe with this muted shade of lilac that is a hit this season.
  • Undressed – Go all out with this unapologetically fierce shade that brings out your inner goddess.
  • Mauve Allure – That’s right, we know you can’t resist the allure of this beautiful shade. Indeed, trendy choice this summer.
  • The Queen– Girl, you are a goddamn queen, and you deserve only the best. Pick this shade to make your nails feel like they are royalty.


You are the sky; limitless and free. Pick these beautiful shades of indigo that make people ogle at your nails.

  • Northern Lights– For the traveller, the seeker, the adventurer. Chase your dreams, fly.
  • Disco Blue– The party doesn’t start till you walk in. Make your nails the talk of the party now, come on.  
  • Swimming– Your friends won’t stop asking about this shade of blue that drips elegance and style.


For all kinds of blues, there is a shade in our collection. Pick one that turns all your Monday morning to mid-week blues into joy.

  • Oasis- This shade is a soft variation of blue that will leave your nails feeling fresh.
  • Turkish Ice– The ice queen in you can’t wait to come out? This shade is made for you.
  • Waves- Make waves in whichever room you enter with this fairytale-like shade on your nails.


A colour that makes you feel happy, safe and provides a sense of warmth. Also brings out the Slytherin in you. Which one will it be?

  • Greenwich – A shade that makes you look like a diva in whichever time zone you are. 
  • Money Plant – Make your nails look like a million dollars with this vibrant and bright shade.
  • Pistachio – A muted tone of green, that makes you look a little mean. What say?


A ball of sunshine, a ray of happiness and a refreshing lemonade on a hot day. Yellow makes the heart soar.

  • Sunny-Side Up – Flip those eggs and dig in. This bright, quirky shade makes your nails breakfast ready.
  • Wallflower – You might be a wallflower, but your nails will catch everyone’s attention with this bright shade.
  • Tuscany – Paint your nails like it is a bright sunny day in Italy. We promise this is the perfect shade for your holiday.



One of the most vibrant and eye-catching colours of all time. Rock these shades of orange confidently, like the boss that you are. 

  • Do It All – You are someone who can do it all, we believe in you. So pick up this shade and show the world that you are both beauty and brains. 
  • Pumpkin Juice – Turn up the heat in this sultry shade and go dirty dancing with your beau.
  • Tigress – The fiery finish of this shade will make your nails appear fierce like they are. Careful, don’t scratch anyone now. 


Time to bring out the femme fatale in you with the colour red that helps you channel your sexy inner diva.

  • Tomatina – A darker and alluring variation of red that will make your nails look super-hot.
  • Rebel – Are you fearless, opinionated and do not take shit from anyone? This is just the colour for you then. Dedicated to all the rebels out there, may you never change your ways.
  • Madonna – Nails like the “Queen of Pop”, why not? Win everyone’s heart with this boisterous shade of red.
  • Mystery – Don this mysterious shade and keep everyone at the party guessing where you got alluring nail paint from. 

There it is, shades picked for you from the rainbow itself. Now select the ones that make your rainbow complete.

Don’t forget to tell your girlfriends about our award-winning nail lacquer collection. At Colorbar, we have a shade for everyone.


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