Easy Hair Care Diet Tips which will work wonders!

Nutritious Food for Healthy and Beautiful Hair

You tend to put in a lot of thought to the kind of hair oil, shampoo and conditioner that will suit your hair. You also make rounds of the salon every month to get expensive hair treatment done for your hair. But, all this will go to waste if you do not eat a healthy diet. For hair to have that natural shine and healthy look, you need to nourish it from inside.

This is definitely much easier than spending long hours in the salon or shopping malls. All you need to do is include certain food groups in your diet that guarantee healthy and lustrous mane.

Here is the list of some healthy food items which will work wonders for your mane.

Best Food for Healthy Hair


Biotin is extremely essential to for the health of your scalp and hair. Though your body manufactures Biotin, sometimes certain abdominal problems can reduce its production. This could result in hair loss. Eggs are a rich source of Biotin. So, including eggs in your daily diet would ensure healthy hair.


Did you know that you can get a natural shine in your hair by including fish in your diet? Certain fishgroups like sardine, salmon and mackerel are rich sources of omega 3 fatty acids. These acids are work towards bringing that natural shine to your hair. Since your body does not produce these acids naturally, you need to supplement these by eating fish.


Spinach is extremely nutritious. Rich in iron and folate, it enhances the growth of healthy hair. Folate increases the production of red blood cells and Iron improves the ability of these cells to carry oxygen. So, make sure that you have at least two servings of spinach every day. In case you are anemic, you have all the more reason to include this in your diet. This ensures better scalp health and enhanced hair growth.


Hair is made of keratin, an importanttype of protein that builds the strands. Including protein rich food is a must to improve the health of your hair. Lentils consist of huge amounts of proteins and iron. High levels of protein help in better cell development, which includes hair cells as well. Make sure that you gorge on lentils every day, especially if you are a vegetarian.

5.Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are a rich source of Vitamin C, which plays an important role in hair health. It helps your body to use the iron present in different food items consumed by you. This in turn assists the red blood cells to carry oxygen to the hair follicles. Vitamin C also helps in production of collagen which helps in keeping your hair follicles and hair healthy.

6.Sweet Potato

In order for new hair cells to be formed, your body requires Vitamin A. Now, Vitamin A is formed in the body by conversion of Beta Carotene. Sweet potato, being is a rich source of Beta Carotene, if included in your diet would ensure healthy hair. However, experts recommend that too much Vitamin A is not good for the hair. So, make sure that you consume sweet potatoes in moderation.


Enhanced blood circulation can work wonders to all parts of your body including your hair. Cinnamon is a magic herb which is said to improve the flow of blood in the body. So, using this to spice up your foods and drinks will definitely ensure healthy hair.


Zinc also plays an important role in formation of hair cells and growth of hair. Oysters are a rich source of zinc. So, if you include this in your diet, you can see a considerable change in the way your hair looks and feels.

Nuts, tofu, soya and carrots also guarantee healthy, strong and lustrous mane. It is also important to hydrate your body by drinking lots of water. Coupled with this and regular oil massage, you can ensure good health and natural shine for your crowning glory.


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