4 Interesting Lighting Solutions Your Home Needs Today

There are numerous advantages to having good lighting in a home setting. The right illumination in a space can positively enhance the mood and “feel” of each room in your home, can impact how productive and motivated one feels when working within your space, and can generally determine how desirable a space is to be in.

In turn, the right lighting can bring us happiness, provide energy (or relaxation) depending on the intent of the room, and can promote our cognitive function. The appropriate lighting for a space can also have the right impact on your circadian rhythm; illumination should neither make you too sleepy nor keep you up all night due to the temperature and brightness of your lighting.

While we’re all aware that illuminating a space can be done in a handful of ways, from installing pendant lights to fancy chandeliers, there are better, more modern ways to light up the inside or outside of your home. Consider these four interesting lighting solutions:

1. Wi-Fi light strips

Got plenty of general lighting filling your home but lacking something a bit more ambient? Consider placing Wi-Fi light strips in places of your home (e.g., underneath countertops, tables, or bookshelves) to add a fun source of accent lighting. Best of all, you can change the color of your Wi-Fi light strips via your smartphone to adjust your illumination to the hue(s) you want.

2. Solar powered string lights

String lights have the power to turn any dark, gloomy exterior region of your home into a mystical, magical, romantic space. With solar powered string lights in specific, you never have to worry about remembering to turn on your string lights. Powered by the sun and triggered by the dark, solar string lights are convenient and offer that added touch of illumination in a snap.

3.Bluetooth smart bulbs

Bluetooth lighting is one of the hottest lighting trends to date. It’s not just about being able to change the color of your bulb from your smartphone. Also important is being able to dim or brighten your home’s lighting. The power to adjust the hue and/or brightness of your lighting as appropriate is important for your circadian rhythm, which controls your sleep, mood, and energy.

4. Snake wall lights

Your ceilings, tabletops, and floors contain light fixtures, but what about your walls? Wall lighting isn’t outdated as one might presume. Wall lights with a bendable “snake” neck are a great type of task lighting. With a flexible neck, this type of wall lighting is convenient and makes it easy to get illumination exactly where you need it depending on the task you’re engaging in.


There are endless styles and types of lighting to make the interior or exterior of your home functional for your wants and needs. However, why settle for boring lighting when you can take advantage of great, modern lighting solutions that are more effective and stylish than ever before?

Wi-fi light strips, solar powered string lights, Bluetooth smart bulbs, and snake wall lights are just some of the many modern lighting solutions homes of the 21st century should contain if homeowners want the hottest, most efficient, attractive, and versatile lighting to date.


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