Why You Should Take Up Motorcycle Riding In 2020

It’s official: 2020 is the year of the motorcycle. Okay, it’s not technically official, but we still think that 2020 is the year you should begin riding. Maybe you’ve been putting it off for some time and finally want to get around to learning. Perhaps your New Year’s resolution is to try and find a different mode of transport for getting you to work each morning. Whatever your reasoning might be, 2020 is an excellent year to take up the motorcycle for a number of reasons. Here’s why you should start motorcycle riding this year.

There’s an active, supportive community

The motorcycle riding community is famously one of the most supportive, active communities there is. Though the numbers are smaller than car drivers, motorcyclists help each other out with advice and community spirit. There’s also a fantastic range of motorcycle gear out there which you can get from reputable stores like Sports Bike Shop. While motorcyclists require more specialist gear than drivers, that can foster a sense of exclusivity and create a feeling of belonging that just isn’t there for car drivers. Revel in your newfound friends!

It’s better for the environment

Of course, any vehicle that burns fuel is going to have a somewhat detrimental effect on the environment; there’s no difference in this regard between motorcycles and cars. However, motorcycles burn fuel in a much more efficient manner than cars do. This means that if you’re in any way environmentally conscious, you’re definitely better off riding a bike than driving a car. Motorcycles don’t produce greenhouse gases at anywhere near the same rate as other vehicles, and while they do have their environmental dangers, they’re nowhere near as toxic as cars in many respects.

Your commute will take less time

If you’ve ever found yourself sitting behind the wheel and desperately wishing you could speed up your daily commute, then motorcycles may well be for you. Commuting on a motorbike is much, much faster thanks to techniques like filtering. In addition, think about the time you’ll be saving as opposed to using public transport. You’d need to wait for your bus or train, accommodate delays, and factor in the walk from your house to the station or bus stop. Motorcycling cuts out all of these middlemen and just allows you to go straight from home to work with lightning speed.

It’s cheaper than public transport

According to a 2013 Visor Down report, the cost of commuting to London from Guildford via train was approximately £366 per month. That same journey taken by motorcycle costs only £164.97 per month. Naturally, these costs will vary depending on where you’re going and what bike you’re riding, but the fact is that train journeys in the UK are currently incredibly expensive and they’re not showing any signs of becoming cheaper any time soon. With that in mind, now seems like the perfect time to start riding a motorcycle and really save some cash.

You’ll save money on running and parking

Parking motorcycles – as well as their day-to-day maintenance – costs significantly less than driving a car. Many car park companies will offer motorcycle parking on a discounted tariff, largely because of the smaller size and cheaper running costs of the vehicle. It’s also much, much easier to find yourself a parking space as a motorcyclist; your vehicle takes up a lot less room than a car, so you can squeeze in anywhere that’s convenient for both you and the vehicles parked around you. Running costs are also lower for motorcycles than for many other vehicles.

It’s a full-body workout

Many people don’t believe us when we tell them that riding a motorcycle can have serious health benefits, but it’s true. You’ll have increased insulin sensitivity for upwards of eight hours after you’ve completed a ride. Not only that, but the mere act of moving the bike will work most of your major muscle groups. Think about it – you’re moving your entire body when you’re riding a motorcycle, so there’s no reason your muscles wouldn’t respond to that. If you’re looking to keep fit while you get to work, there’s no better road vehicle than a motorcycle (except maybe a pedal bike).

You’ll have absolute freedom

If you’ve never had your own vehicle before or you’re used to taking public transport everywhere, then a bike is going to feel incredible the first time you ride it. The wind whipping past you, the ability to take whatever route you like to your destination, and the complete lack of anyone else there to get in the way or intrude on your thoughts are all excellent reasons to take up motorcycling. Compared to a car, a bike just feels freer; you’re not confined to a metal cage or dragging a ton of metal around, so riding feels significantly less restrictive than driving.

Accidents are dropping

While riding a motorcycle can still be significantly more dangerous than other methods of transportation, the fact is that motorcycle-related accidents are steadily dropping. This is partly due to increased rider safety, but it’s also due to increased awareness of the dangers of riding and better reporting of accidents. This means that the major drawback to riding motorcycles – the lack of safety associated with them – is dwindling, and before long, riding a motorcycle will be just as safe as any other transportation method. Stay safe out there!


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