Benefits of Daily Yoga

Yoga as we all know is an extremely healthy exercise. It has evolved over the many centuries and is practiced world-wide by a large number of people. What makes yoga a better exercise than any other exercise routine? It is not just a means of moderating your weight but is also extremely healthy for both body and mind.

Here are 6 reasons why you should practice yoga on a daily basis:

1) Better Posture

Many times we do not realize the affect that posture can have on our body. Good posture is when the body is perfectly aligned. As we grow older we tend to hunch our back or stick our tummy out. Yoga helps you maintain perfect posture through various different poses like upward facing dog and table top.

2) Core Stability

Your core refers to a wide range of muscles in your body. It extends to more than just the abdominal area and targets areas like your spine. Core stability is essential in order to maintain flexibility, motor control and strength of the body. It also enables your body to endure high levels of weight.
Athletes will find this the most helpful as core stability is highly essential for good body function. The boat pose and the plank pose are good poses to strengthen your core.

3) Physical Ailments

As we grow older, age slowly begins to creep up on us through the form of either body aches or lack of flexibility. Yoga helps maintain a younger body through exercises that are meant to strengthen your joints and muscles. It rids the body of any form of physical ailments.

4) Concentration Power


It has been known to help increase ones power of concentration through meditation. It is said that humming the word “Om”, is in fact not a religious symbol but is a method of staying healthy as it sends vibrations through the body which are very good for the mind. The padmasana and the vajrasana are good poses to increase concentration and memory power.

5) Psychological Health

It also helps one maintain a stable mind as they age. It fights against Alzheimer and Dementia. It acts as an antidepressant and aids in other psychological illnesses like schizophrenia and cases of anxiety. It also helps one learn to accept and love themselves. Downward facing dog is a good way to begin.

6) Stress Buster 

It acts as a stress buster at the best of times. Whenever you’re feeling stressed out or annoyed and irritated, take some time out to practice some yoga. You need not push yourself to do things your body is not comfortable doing but, just follow a few basic steps and you’ll soon find yourself relaxing and already feeling calm. Paschimattanasana is a great pose to practice for this purpose.

7) Healthy Body

Illnesses like diabetes, blood pressure issues or heart problems can be avoided through yoga.
Doing it daily helps the body remain younger for a longer period of time. It helps in the circulation of blood, digestion and even certain poses help in the case of diabetes.
Yoga has also been known to aid in pregnancy although, it is recommended to consult your doctor before practicing yoga when you are pregnant.

8) Control Weight

Unlike many other exercises and diets, yoga does not leave you anorexic. Yoga only aims to remove those elements in your body which are not required. It does not harm your body with a drastic change but, takes its time to work through your body. Yoga helps you control your weight by keeping it healthy. The Surya Namaskar is a great way to begin if you’ve never tried yoga before.


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