What is a structured water device?

The importance of water treatment has taken the world by storm, you might have read about it and wanted to know about how viable this is. One of the hottest water treatment topics is the structured water device. There are blogs upon blogs about the benefits of structured water and this amazing innovative device, but what is it exactly? 

We all know how important it is to consume water, but we also have to understand just how essential the quality of the water is for us as well. Today, we’ll cover everything about structured water filters – what it actually is, what the benefits are, how you can make it, and of course, what a structured water device actually is. Read further to find out more about all the benefits you can gain from water. 

What is Structured Water? 

Before we begin to understand what a structured water device actually is, let’s start by understanding what people mean when they say structured water. This term comes from water’s inner molecular structure, which gives it its name. Though it is frequently called structured water, it is also often termed vortex water. You might read about these two types of waters online, but they are absolutely the same, just the name is different. 

The unique shape of the micro-clustered molecules is formed in a hexagonal manner that gives water its fantastic properties. This type of water can be most notably found in nature, where water has the ability to be in its purest form. This inherently occurs in nature as water continuously moves and flows through creeks, turns, and crannies. The constant movement enables water to stay in its living form, bringing all of its unique properties and capabilities out. 

Sadly, this inner water form is lost as water is removed from its natural habitat and placed through numerous invasive water treatments, chemical additives, and unnatural procedures. This leads to the loss of a hexagonal shape and inevitably to the loss of all the great properties water could offer otherwise. 

But what are these amazing benefits of structured water? Well, let’s find out! 

What Are the Benefits of Structured Water?

Research has found certain outstanding properties of structured water that enabled it to provide us with all these benefits. The most notable properties of structured water are self-cleaning, pH balance, the ability to penetrate deeper into the cells to hydrate, and much more. With these properties, water can bring about numerous benefits; here are some of the most prominent ones.  

Eliminate All Bacteria 

As one of the most prominent properties of structured water is self-cleaning at a continuous state, all bacteria, viruses, and toxic contaminants are eliminated. Not only is your water fully ensured and free from harmful pathogens, but it also becomes more robust against bacteria over time as it continues to self-clean itself constantly.    

Increased Hydration

Improvement in hydration is one of the biggest benefits of vortex water, as the hexagonal micro-clustered shapes allow the water to penetrate deeper into our cells, ensuring intense hydration for our body. Cells become more effective, working at peak performance and giving our bodies the ability to be in their best health. Another benefit of increased hydration is the benefits it brings to our skin and hair, where irritation and agitation from chlorine are alleviated. 

Neutral pH Levels 

If the water does not have a balanced pH level, it can cause a lot of problems for our bodies and the immediate environment around us. High levels of acidity or alkalinity can cause our bodies a lot of gut troubles, such as disruption to the metabolic system and even nausea. On top of our health, it can affect our environment as well, leading to fast corrosion and limescale around all water sources such as showers and sinks. Structured water, on the other hand, constantly has natural pH levels that fall between 6.8 and 7.2. 

Reduced Home Maintenance 

If the water you get in your homes has imbalanced pH levels, high chlorine content, excess minerals, and contains harmful toxins, then this is a disaster waiting to happen! The mineral build-up, limescale, algae, corrosion, and stains are some of the nightmares you may face around your home. These cause foul smells around the home and definitely aren’t pleasant to look at, but these headaches are all part of the past with structured water! Not only will you be saving money on all the maintenance around your homes but saving your precious time, not having to worry about all these. 

Better Wastewater Management 

Wastewater management is not something we might be thinking of often, but it is something we should be trying to improve. Taking care of our environment is essential to keeping our mother earth happy, and one of the best ways to do that is with vortex water. It’s best for wastewater management as it has increased dissolved oxygen levels that are essential to the survival of our aquatic biota. This, coupled with water’s ability to self-clean, leads to a match made in heaven! 

Is structured water safe?

Structured water that is found in nature is most definitely safe and, quite frankly, beneficial to us. Not only does it have positive effects on our environment but on our bodies too. There’s research that hypotheses that humans could have structured water inside our bodies, which makes it the optimal water to consume. Though, as always, there is a caveat! 

Most structured water we will consume and use is re-structured, meaning the water was taken out of its natural habitat and restored via various methods of making structured water. The issue here lies in different methods that could be used to turn the water back to its structured form. 

One of the most popular ways to restore its inner structure is through vortexing, which creates implosion within the water and energizes it. Some devices don’t have the ability to restore their inner structure whilst adequately energizing the water, which is essential to it providing us with the benefits. The best thing to do here is to buy your structured water device from a trusted source and do your research! 

Can I make structured water at home?

As we mentioned, there are many methods for creating structured water, most of which include water treatment devices such as a vortex water treatment. We can guess from the name that the method utilizes the vortexing motion, a constant movement to restore the structure, but there are other ways you can revitalize the water. Here are some methods you might choose to do at home. 

The Crystal Method

Crystals are known to hold vibrations and energy; for this exact reason, many people believe that you can re-energize water with crystals to create structured water. Most notably, you can start with crystals such as rose quartz, clear quartz, or even amethyst, as these are water safe. Once you have your crystals, you can do the following: 

  • Fill a jar or a bowl with filtered water and then put in your crystal. 
  • Put your bowl or jar in a place that gets sufficient sunlight to energize the crystal and the water. 
  • Leave the water for a couple of hours to re-energize it. After a few hours, you should have your structured water; now, you can choose to leave your crystal in or remove it.

The Funnel Method (AKA DIY Vortex) 

This method is based on the vortexing technique, and for this, you will need a couple of items. Firstly you will need a funnel, you will preferably have a crystal, but a smooth stone will work, some marbles, and of course, a bottle. Here is how you can vortex your water: 

  • Put the funnel at the bottle opening and drop in your crystal – the crystal should be at the funnel’s entrance but should not be blocking it fully.
  • Add marbles to your funnel until they reach about a halfway point of the funnel. 
  • Pour filtered water into the funnel. As the water flows through the marbles towards the crystals, this will re-create the vortexing motion. 

PRO TIP: do this method a couple of times for best results. 

The UV Light Method

Many believe that another method of creating structured water is by incorporating ultraviolet or infrared lights. This is pretty straightforward, you’ll just need a jar or a bowl and some UV lights. Here’s what you do: 

  • Fill up your bowl/jar with filtered water. 
  • Put the bowl under the light source and leave it there for 3-4 hours. 

Effectiveness of DIY Methods 

There is an issue that arises when it comes to DIY methods, and it is their validity. There aren’t any immediate tests you can do to check if the method you used actually worked and restored water’s abilities. For this exact reason, it is still best to stick to a trustworthy structured water device. 

How do you clean a structured water filter?

If you purchase a high-quality, trustworthy, and reputable structured water treatment, then it should last you a lifetime without having to maintain it. This is simply due to water’s ability to self-clean and have balanced pH levels, meaning you won’t have toxic contaminants, mineral build-up, or corrosion around the device. 

In case you are traveling with a portable filter, got the device dirty, or just want to clean it for your own sake, then cleaning it is simple. Though it depends on the model or the brand you use, in most cases, you can use a simple cleansing method by combining 1 tablespoon of baking soda and ½ cup of vinegar. You don’t have to leave it in for long, the main part is to submerge it. After this, it’s essential to rinse it thoroughly and multiple times under the water. 

That being said, we still recommend you not mess with the natural state of the device and let structured water do its thing. 

Where to buy a structured water device?

So, we talked about how great structured water and its restoration device are, but where can you actually purchase it? The answer to this is The Vortex Water Revitalizer™

The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ uses the vortexing technique by utilizing a double spiral mechanism, creating vortexes to imitate water’s natural flow and movement while simultaneously energizing it. 

The vortex treatments come in a variety of models for your kitchen, shower, whole house, commercial use, or garden! With simple installation and no need for constant maintenance, you’re set for life with structured water. Not only that! There is a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee and a 10-Year Warranty on all products purchased. 

Get your Vortex Water Revitalizer™ today for a lifetime of structured water access! 


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