Top 10 Romantic Flowers for Valentine’s Day and their Significance

No one can miss giving his/her beloved the sheer fragrant delightful bouquet on Valentine’s Day. Some people are so wary about finding the right combination that they start researching & flowers delivery in gurgaon to find some splendid choices almost a month in advance. Every year, flower decorators are thrust with last-minute orders for large bouquets arrangements and so much more.

While you may be tired of buying big heart-shaped rose arrangements, it has also become a predictable present for your partner as well. If you are all prepared to shun away the idea of giving traditional romantic flowers, get ready to explore the most romantic flowers to impress your soulmate this year.

  1. Elegant Orchids

Did you know, there are over 2500 orchids species found worldwide in charming hues, scent, and sizes?

When it is all about buying something for your handsome beau choose a combination of royal blue and white orchids masculinity and subtlety.

However, if you want something sophisticated for your ladylove, the purple orchids are the indispensable options to match her persona.

  1. Pink Stargazer Lilies for Your Lovely Girlfriend

Lilies best describe the beauty and compassion of a young girl. If your beloved is full of life, mirth, and fun, then bestow a bouquet of stargazers in bright pink and white bi-color shade. These big flowers are best paired with red roses or carnations in Valentine’s Day bouquet arrangements.

  1. Bright Gerbera Daisies

These big flowers with vibrant tints are absolute eye-catchers. Geoffrey Chaucer describes these lively flowers as ‘day’s eye’. They symbolize exuberance and virtuousness. If these are also the quality in your partner, then bestow them to this person through online Valentine’s flower delivery even if you are away from the person due to some reason.

If you are all praiseworthy about your life partner, the pink Gerberas in a mix of white ones best express your message to the receiver. However, give orange ones if you want to convey the emotions of the pursuit of love and attachment for the person.

  1. Red Tulips

When it comes to choosing the flowers with the most brilliant appearance, Tulips are the first to come to your mind. The first glance at these bright flowers refreshes the mood.

While they are available in a variety of shades, go with the red ones on 14 February with confidence when you are all decided to declare that you are in love, that you have found the special person in your life.

These long-lasting flowers grow well when placed in a vase of fresh water even after cutting. Therefore, if you choose to give your sweetheart a mix of lilies, go for an assortment in a glass vase that when placed near the source of sunlight will keep the lilies healthy for quite some days.

  1. Alstroemeria or Lily of the Incas

Also called Peruvian lilies are among the most beautiful fragrant flowers of the lily family. They are available in several pleasant hues including the peach ones. These flowers bestow an extravagant appearance to your Valentine’s Day bouquet when paired with small white fillers such as lily of the valley, violets, etc.

You can even combine them with bright purple or red flowers such as roses, tulips or carnations to prepare a dream mixed flower arrangement. The symbolism of simplicity, these flowers represent devotion and faith.

6. Luxurious Lilac

These are among the most expensive flowers to buy in India during the spring season. Available in lavender and white hues, these small flowers look beautiful in a bunch to a person of high esteem. If you have not been in a connection to a near one, ask if the person still possesses the same feeling for you.

  1. Iris

Some people like them as fillers in their mix bouquet, while others go for a mix of blue and white iris to express romance. Iris, the Goddess of Love in Greek mythology, the flower signifies faithfulness and love in a relationship.

In general, a bunch of blue iris solely represents romanticism but if you are in a mish-match of emotions, a bouquet full of lilies, daisies, and tulips look awesome when paired with the blue iris.

  1. Magnificent Carnations

Did you know Carnations are the best selling flowers in the UK?

You can easily keep fresh-cut carnations at home blossoming for about a month. While they are available in a variety of colors, the white and red combination is ideal to match the various emotions of love.

In general, carnations symbolize fascination but the red represents intense love, admiration, and care. Matching them with white ones convey your dedication and purity of the soul in the love relationship.

  1. Mixed Roses to Express Profound Love

Often people are reluctant to buy all-red roses even if it is the V-Day. If you are also on the same ladder, consider choosing a bouquet full of different shades. They all express different forms of emotions, perfectly suited for a person, who wants to appreciate his ladylove for her qualities, faithfulness, and virtue.

When choosing Valentine’s Day roses, you may also opt to go for white and pink, peach pink and white, red and white, red and yellow and the list is endless. All these combinations are quite popular especially among women who love to receive them.

It is true that you might not be able to find the freshest roses with your local flower shop. A good option in this regard would be to look at online flower delivery in Abu Dhabi. They stock roses of all shapes, colours and sizes. In fact, they are fresher as they get delivered every single day. Bouquets make from such roses is sure to wow your partner and sweep them off their feet.

10.  Asiatic Lilies


Often connected with purity and marriage, the Asiatic lilies, especially in red and orange, are a representation of birth and a new beginning in life. If you are a newly married couple and all set for family planning in the coming year, this is the ideal message to send to your partner to express your eagerness.

I hope you have found plenty of new options to explore the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Depending on your emotions, pick the one that most suits your preferences for the special person.

All these flowers are available at some selective online stores. Even if you are getting late, look for florists that are capable of offering online flower delivery in Bangalore on same day to make sure your partner receives the floral surprises when you need it.


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